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Choke No Joke accuses Dame Dash of hitting on Aaliyah behind Jay-Z’s back and also of trying to hit on Beyonce, leading to him being banned from being around here, in Star interview [VIDEO]

By Jay Mack Staff Writer It's funny how things can evolve so quickly. First of all, Aaliyah's name resurfaced, due to the "Surviving R. Kelly" documentary. At one point in time, R. Kelly was married to Aaliyah, who later went onto date music mogul, Dame Dash, just before she died. In the

Dame Dash vs. Flex : This is the Last time Flex was speaking on another man’s business (Dame breaks down Funk Flex beef) [VIDEO]

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk Staff Writer Over the past five years, Dame Dash has been doing his media rounds, touting a new company he is involved in. While he still specializes in music, Dame is now more focused on films. Already, he produced a movie, with Kanye West, called Honor Up. Dame Dash touts

Lee Daniels says he will pay Dame Dash his $2 million back, because he’s hurt, and because he was the first person to believe in him + Dame Dash accepts his apology and vows to move on [VIDEO]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer The people who know how Dame Dash operates know that he is all about his business. People often try to tie him into the Jay-Z fallout, despite no one ever mentioning him to Jay. This is something Dame mentioned in his infamous "Breakfast Club" interview. Dame Dash

Dame Dash just created the most-memorable moment of 2018, when he confronted Lee Daniels, and demanded him to give him his $2 million back; Twitter is in shambles after seeing Dame tell Lee that he’ll issue another lawsuit + Says Mo’Nique was right (FULL VIDEO INCLUDED) [VIDEO]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Since 2015, when Dame Dash went on "The Breakfast Club," with an interview many clowned at the time, but reflect on now, he's been going in on Lee Daniels. At the time, Lee Daniels was the man, as "Empire" premiered to record ratings. Things have cooled,

Casanova and Kenny Burns | #DrinkChamps (FULL EPISODE); Kenny talks working with Jay-Z and Diddy + Casanova talks being signed to Roc Nation, justice system, Juelz Santana, 6ix9ine, Fabolous, and more [VIDEO]

By Chox-Mak Staff Writer A major player, behind the scenes, in the industry is Kenny Burns. He was there, with Diddy, during the early days, before Bad Boy Records even existed. As his career expanded, he began working with Jay-Z and Damon Dash, with Roc-A-Fella Records. The progression of Jay-Z and the

Pepa, of Salt-N-Pepa, shows off her new man, @iamAundre, wishing him a happy birthday, and his wife, @channel_jordyn, calls him out for lying, telling her Pepa was his boss, and even wanting her to be their daughter’s godmother #GUHHATL [PHOTO]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer The past two years have seen Pepa return to the spotlight. Introducing her daughter, Egypt, to the masses, her child with Treach, Pepa had a big role on "Growing Up Hip Hop." She had a now-infamous conversation with Dame Dash and Irv Gotti about college. While Pepa