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By M.A.C. Staff Writer After dabbling with music, all year, Jennifer Lopez is closing 2018 out on the big screen. Returning to music, Jennifer Lopez did her "Dinero" single, with DJ Khaled and Cardi B. Now, Jennifer Lopez has her new movie, Second Act, which is soon set to hit theaters. Critics describe Second

TrapBoy Freddy is out of jail and he says “the laws whooped my a**, IT’S ON NOW!,” saying he was punched seven times in the face [VIDEO]

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk Staff Writer Yesterday, TrapBoy Freddy ended up beaten by the police. What was going on was unknown, outside of him being arrested. The man who recorded the video said that TrapBoy Freddy hadn't done anything and that the police officer just began beating him. TrapBoy Freddy definitely was in

Yella Beezy breaks down his shooting incident, talks Dallas music, and more on #TheBreakfastClub [VIDEO]

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk‏ Staff Writer Thankfully, rappers that have gotten into dangerous situations, recently, have survived. Still, it's bad that they got caught up in the first place, but great that they lived. For a year, Yella Beezy has pushed "That's On Me" and got an all-star lineup for the remix. Completely independent,

@__oxaras_ , 6ix9ine’s Baby Mama, Goes In On Cuban Doll On IG Live After Cuban Doll And Her Friends Try To Jump Her In The Studio “She Washed Up, Dusty, Look Like She Dying From AIDS” [VIDEO]

By Ahsinet Monee Staff Writer Last week,rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine, walked out the court house a freed man. Luckily, 6ix9ine was only sentenced to four years probation for charges stemming from his 2015 arrest for the use of a child in a sexual performance. He was able to celebrate his daughter's birthday as