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Bugyzbugz – “Food” (Video)

New York-via-Connecticut recording artist Bugyzbugz is establishing a solid fanbase for himself with his fresh rhyme style, slick lyricism, and street appeal. Inspired by the true essence of golden age Hip Hop, the Haitian emcee drops off a visual presentation for his latest effort, creatively-titled, "Food". Directed by Bugz-himself and the

Yukon – “Auntie House” (Video)

The Connecticut-born, Atlanta-raised artist Yukon returns today to unleashes the official video for hit new cut, "Auntie House". A standout single from the project, listen as Yukon channels a versatile and catchy sound throughout, all while hitting close to home as he depicts his story. Be on the lookout for

Connecticut Rapper and Graffiti Artist Joey Batts Fixes Up Defaced Nipsey Hussle Mural ; “How Was I Raised? We Don’t Do Things For Clout. We Fight For Our Community. Because That’s All We Got.”

By @MinneeTellsItAll Contributing Writer Connecticut teenager, Kaitlyn Renee defaced the late great Nipsey Hussle’s mural in Hartford, CT over the weekend as an act of bold disobedience and callous lack of empathy. After defacing Nipsey’s memorial mural for clout, the teenage girl decided to capture her new artwork by taking a self-satisfied

Connecticut Police Defend Clout-Chasing Woman Who Vandalized Nipsey Hussle Mural; Says The Area Is “Welcome To Graffiti And Art” And “Dozens Of Murals Have Been Sprayed Over” [VIDEO]

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk Staff Writer A few days ago, a woman was recorded by her friend vandalizing a Nipsey Hussle mural in Hartford, Connecticut. Her friend was boosting her ego but told her not to spray anything over his face. This was all definitely for attention as she took to Facebook