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T.I. Takes To Social Media To Salute Both Jay Z And Colin Kaepernick In Their Contributions To Social Justice Reform Instead Of Using Them To Divide People Like Others Are Doing [VIDEO]

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk Staff Writer It's been over two weeks since Jay Z signed a business partnership deal between his Roc Nation deal and the NFL. He finally gets a seat at the table to bring good entertainment events to the league along with stressing the importance of social justice issues

Solange gets harassed by paparazzi, who try and question her about Jay-Z’s NFL deal, and try to shame woman who runs them off about her hairy armpits [VIDEO]

By Bossyy Staff Writer Controversially, Jay-Z and Roc Nation have entered a partnership with the NFL. The deal covers the music entertainment portion of America's most-popular league. This deal has turned off the hip hop world, where they first hailed Jay-Z as their hero. Since the beginning of his career, Jay-Z has

Jay-Z reportedly urged Jermaine Dupri to turn down the same deal with the NFL that he signed; Funk Flex claims he spoke to JD on the phone and he confirmed this [PHOTO]

By Jay Rich Staff Writer Still, Jay-Z is continuing to catch flack for the deal Roc Nation has secured with the NFL. In the midst of the social injustice backlash the league has received over Colin Kaepernick, Jay-Z lost a lot of popularity. He was one of Kaep's most vocal supporters. For

NIKE Scraps Release Of Betsy Ross Air Max 1’s After Colin Kaepernick Expresses Concerns Of Its Ties To Racism; Some Threaten to Boycott [PHOTOS]

By Tamantha Staff Writer Colin Kaepernick has white people mad at him AGAIN. He reportedly got Nike to scrap its release of the Betsy Ross Air Max 1 sneakers, due to the flag’s ties to racism. It didn’t take long for white people to express their anger on social media and call for

Jenna Shea comes for Nessa over her calling out “Teen Mom OG” star, Jenelle Evans, who shaded Colin Kaepernick, but Jenna Shea tells Nessa the last thing Evans needed was her talking out the side of her neck

By Bossyy Staff Writer Unless people are going through it, they will never fully understand. An act of protest cost Colin Kaepernick his career, when all he was doing was protesting injustice. Right-wingers have used Kaepernick as an example of what happens when people speak out. Then, there are those who are

‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans, Get Checked By Nessa Diab, For Sharing Hateful Comments About Her Boyfriend, Colin Kaepernick [VIDEO]

By Tamantha Staff Writer The ‘Teen Mom’ reunion got heated quickly when host, Nessa Diab, brought up hateful comments, Jenelle Evans, made about Colin Kaepernick. Jenelle shared a post on Facebook that said “Donald J. Trump unemployment rate is so low, even Colin Kaepernick found a job! MERICA!” Jenelle, of course, played

Alissa Perry, a Charlotte, Florida high school teacher, was brought to tears, after being forced to remove her Colin Kaepernick poster for Black History Month, because some students found it “offensive” #BlackHistoryMonth [VIDEO]

By Prince Hakeem Contributing Writer Florida seems to always be home to one controversy, or another. A few months ago, optimism was high, and millions of people expected this year's Black History Month, in Florida, to come as Andrew Gillum took office. Needless to say, that didn't happen, but this did. Still,