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The Warriors are getting clowned by Twitter, after blowout loss to the OKC Thunder, as Curry gets roasted, blasted for not being able to carry a team on his own, without KD or Klay, saying he’s not like Kobe or LeBron

By Jay Rich Staff Writer Last year, the Golden State Warriors were on a mission to do only what two teams have done, since the 1950s, win three straight championships. Given how controversial the 2016 Finals were, some would say they already did. In real life, that wasn't the case. The Golden

Paul George and Kawhi Leonard dominate Twitter, as the Clippers’ stars play opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger in new commercial

By Bossyy Staff Writer Tonight, the Los Angeles Clippers resume action, and they have an entirely new squad, again. The Clippers' success, since 2010, is proof that a team can definitely succeed, after years of struggle. Known as one of the league's worst teams, they turned it around. The Blake Griffin/Chris Paul

Greg Oden? Twitter is afraid Zion Williamson will become Greg Oden 2.0, because of his knee injury, and being the top overall pick, but fans say to stop playing with those Greg Oden memes

By Jay Rich Staff Writer To say the least, the New Orleans Pelicans have a complicated franchise history. But, this history hasn't seen them lacking in star players. Actually, it's the opposite, but New Orleans has never been able to keep their stars. Before Anthony Davis, the Pelicans had Baron Davis and

Blake Griffin roasts TF out of Caitlyn Jenner and the Kardashian-Jenner girls, clowning his gender reassignment, and thanking him on behalf of rappers and NBA players for his daughters’ daddy issues

By Jay Rich Staff Writer In the near future, Alec Baldwin's Comedy Central roast will air. This afternoon, a clip from the roast was leaked, as a promo. The clip features Blake Griffin, of the Detroit Pistons, throwing his shots. Blake Griffin began his career, playing for the Los Angeles Clippers, from