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Kanye and Cudi, Ye and Cudi … Kids See Ghosts is coming on June 8, according to Kanye’s Twitter rant, and fans celebrate, as he gives Charlamagne a preview + His solo album comes on June 1

By Chox-Mak Staff Writer The last time Kanye West dropped an album, it was early in 2016, and he tortured his fans, with that one. Not only did he change the release date, countless times, he changed the album title even more. That run nearly cost him his fan base, as

Adrien Broner matches 6ix9ine’s $300,000 bet against his April 21 fight and tells him “just have my money when I beat the sh*t out of Jesse Vargas” #BronerVargas [PHOTO]

By Chox-Mak Staff Writer Over the weekend, Adrien Broner spoke out against 6ix9ine. He let the world know that he doesn't care for 6ix9ine's flamboyant, showoff personality. If he knows who 6ix9ine is, AB had to know he was going to get a response from him. Adrien Broner continues the legacy of