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Slim Danger continues playing games … Posts pic of Waka Flocka and Tammy Rivera, puts smiley face over Tammy’s face, and says “his wife hated me for sucking him off in first class” [PHOTO]

By M.A.C. Staff Writer Just before the start of the summer, Slim Danger ended up returning to the spotlight in a big way. When 6ix9ine and Chief Keef started beefing, he used her to get to Chief Keef. After going to Chicago, he ended up taking Slim Danger shopping. 6ix9ine did a

Lil Yachty got hacked on Twitter and the hacker is threatening 6ix9ine and Chief Keef, asking for 15,000 retweets to leak music, and accusing Yachty of DM-ing 15-year-old girls, promising to post DMs [PHOTO]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer In Atlanta, Lil Yachty is currently one of the biggest names. While Migos are the most-popular artists in the city, Lil Yachty, of the same QC label, is making inroads on the pop market. As the young rapper is making noise, he is gaining all kinds

FBG Duck was shot in the shoulder and his friend, CantGetRight, was killed; FBG Duck is recovering at Chicago Medical Center, in stable condition (FULL VIDEO INCLUDED) [VIDEO]

By Chox-Mak Staff Writer Don't let the shenanigans of the whole 6ix9ine/Chief Keef feud be a distraction, Chicago remains a dangerous place. The city is a very violent place, even though the crime rate is slowly dropping. A dropping crime rate doesn't mean that crimes don't still go on. FBG Duck has

Simone Patton, Chief Keef’s other baby, puts 6ix9ine on blast, and exposes him for contacting her before Slim Danger, trying to fly her out to NYC [PHOTOS]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Earlier this week, 6ix9ine made his beef with Chief Keef personal. It started with him challenging Chief Keef and the Chicago scene to take him out. Once that didn't happen, 6ix9ine went to O Block, and taunted his rivals. 6ix9ine then went for a death blow, when