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Miles Bridges made his starting debut, for the Hornets, last night, and they beat the Wizards; Charlotte Hornets fans are happy, for once, and want him starting more games

By Prince Hakeem Staff Writer Few NBA franchises have been as disappointing as the Charlotte Hornets. This is a team that has had boatloads of potential, especially during the Kemba Walker era. But, poor decisions, and a refusal to win winnable games has netted the team two playoff appearances. Making the playoffs,

Cam Newton gets roasted by Twitter over his hat, during his #NBATipOff interview, before #TacoBellSkills Challenge, with fans saying he’s wearing a Smoky The Bear hat

By Prince Hakeem Staff Writer When it comes to Charlotte, it gets no more Charlotte than one of two men, Cam Newton and Kemba Walker. Both came to the city, in 2011, both with a mission to change fortunes. Newton returned the Carolina Panthers to contention and Walker got the Bobcats

Dwight Howard gets outed by a transgender woman, Masin Elije, who EXPOSES the Washington Wizards player, sharing their DMs, accusing him of sexually harassing, threatening, and manipulating her, adding she is afraid for her life; Meanwhile Twitter has jokes about Howard’s buttocks injury, and Royce Reed comments (FULL CONVO INCLUDED) [PHOTOS]

By Ahsinet Monee Staff Writer It seems like things have only gone from bad to worse for Dwight Howard, in the eyes of the public. In his actual life, things are likely going fine, but he can't be happy with this news. As of press time, he is the top trending