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Cassidy – “Cass Appeal”

His back-and-forth with Meek Mill has placed Cassidy back at the forefront of the game. It had been a couple of years, beforehand, and a lot of people moved on past Cassidy. But, now he returns every few months with some high-profile disses, but tonight he returns with his freestyle

Cassidy – “Catch A Body” (Meek Mill diss)

Never-ending, Cassidy and Meek Mill will always dedicate time to dissing each other. Meek Mill took care of his mainstream work and then he came back with more shots for Cassidy and also Kendrick Lamar. Cassidy is now back with his "Catch A Body" diss he promised on Twitter. Cassidy

Meek Mill – “Ooh Kill ‘Em” (Kendrick Lamar diss)

In his diss record aimed at Cassidy, Meek Mill said Kendrick was next. It looks like Kendrick Lamar isn't off the hook after all for that verse on Big Sean's "Control." Taking aim at the game, the game is now officially taking shots back. Now, it looks like the Game is

Meek Mill releases “Kendrick Your Next” artwork [PHOTO]

By Agustin A. Iglesias Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer It was Kendrick Lamar who shook the game up on Big Sean's "Control." He called out all the biggest rappers in the game and that includes Meek Mill. But, it was Cassidy that pissed Meek Mill off enough to make a diss track

Meek Mill – “Kendrick You Next” (Cassidy diss)

Only a few minutes ago, news broke of Meek Mill planning the next Cassidy diss and now he is already back with the track. Over the past year, Meek Mill and Cassidy have gone from being good friends to bitter enemies. Cassidy recently dissed Meek Mill on his response to