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Russ to the Rockets! Russell Westbrook and Chris Paul swap places, as Thunder trade Russ to Houston in exchange for CP3 and draft picks + Russ and James Harden reunite

By Jay Rich Staff Writer Literally, Russell Westbrook did everything he could for the Oklahoma City Thunder. Since their inception, he's been right there, from that rough first year, to the NBA Finals run. He also was one of a handful of point guards about to match up with Steph Curry. Russell

Video goes viral of Latina woman cursing out her Black boyfriend, calling him N-word, among other slurs, sparking Twitter debate on why Black men trash Black women for being “angry” and “loud,” but love the same qualities in Latina women

By Bossyy Staff Writer The internet is indeed a strange place and, for much of its existence, it has been misused. But, now, there is a place that exists for people to be held accountable. A big thing about the internet is that everything is permanent. Topics of racism, colorism, and other

Carmelo Anthony Responds to Reports That He’s Cheating on Lala With Mystery Woman on Yacht; Claims The Woman is Married and The Rumors Are “Affecting his family” [VIDEO]

By Tamantha Staff Writer Carmelo Anthony has set some time aside from basking in the sun with a mystery woman to address cheating rumors. Pictures hit the internet of Melo laid out on a yacht in France with some woman in a thong bathing suit next to him. Melo says that he is

Carmelo Anthony Gives Touching Birthday Shoutout to His Wife, Lala, While Paparazzi Catches Him Vacationing With Another Woman [PHOTOS]

By Tamantha Staff Writer Carmelo Anthony is living his best life...with a woman other than his wife, Lala Anthony. Melo gave Lala a touching birthday shoutout on Instagram, and hours later he was trending on twitter for allegedly being on vacation with another woman in France. There is no word on who the