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“Atlanta” gets renewed for a third season, as Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino continues his winning streak #AtlantaFX

By Alyssa Debonair Staff Writer It's hard to deny what Donald Glover has been doing over the past two years. The comedian-turned-rapper-turned-actor has seen his career come full circle. Via "Atlanta," Donald Glover has made himself a household name, again. When he raps, Glover is Childish Gambino, and he briefly ended the

R.I.P. Devin, so young, so sad; #AtlantaFX fans continue talking on Twitter about unchecked mental illnesses with black youth and middle school bullying, how the shirt pushed Devin to suicide #RIPDevin

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Peer pressure is a real thing and it doesn't end in school. The popularity has given peer pressure new life, impacting people well into adulthood, now. But, before social media, it was still very strong, and bullying is real. Tonight's episode of "Atlanta" touches on that, in

#AtlantaFX really did it with this FUBU episode, addressing bullying; Twitter gives the show props for turning on a dime and addressing a very serious topic that goes overlooked

By Alyssa Debonair Staff Writer Middle school/early high school is a period of time that most people would like to forget. But, "Atlanta" is the show crazy enough to revisit it in a big way. Often, the plight of "other" youth is always shown on television, but never in this community. "Atlanta"

Earn… You really wanna fight Tracy? #AtlantaFX fans roast Earn on Twitter after he tried fighting Tracy, on the ride back home … Tracy beat the sh*t outta Earn

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Everybody knew how this SHOULD have turned out, but most people were rooting for the underdog. On TV, usually a guy like Earn (Childish Gambino) would have gotten the win. But, "Atlanta" is more real than reality TV, so Tracy (Khris Davis) got the win, like

#AtlantaFX fan comes up with theory about “Woods” episode, saying Paper Boi (Brian Tyree Henry) never talked to a man in the woods, and it was all in his head (FULL STORY INCLUDED)

By Chox-Mak Staff Writer A lot of people would probably get mad at this, but "Atlanta" is the best show on television. Childish Gambino came through and gave hip hop its own "Seinfeld." This is a show about nothing, but it's also a show about everything, at a time when the

Bibby, SMH! This is one experience that EVERY black man can relate to, the bullsh*tter barber; He was supposed to cut Paper Boi’s hair, but stole lumber, gave him leftover Zaxby’s, and rear-ended a pregnant woman; Twitter says he needs his a** beat! #AtlantaFX

By Chox-Mak Staff Writer Being a black man, in the South, is hard enough, but sometimes the worst hassle is going to get a haircut. This was Paper Boi's (Brian Tyree Henry) journey, on tonight's "Atlanta" episode. All Paper Boi wanted was a haircut. First, Bibby was on the phone, talking about