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Romeo Got Petty! Romeo Takes Shots At Bow Wow During Angela’s Race Track Event Calling Him A Jockey And Saying That He’s Too Short To Ride The Horse #GUHH #GUHHLIVE [PHOTOS]

By Ahsinet Monee Staff Writer Romeo had jokes this episode. For years Bow Wow and Romeo always had this petty beef. However, during an interview with Sway last year, Romeo revealed some information about him and Bow Wow. The way that Romeo explains it, they were merely competitors that were forced to

Soulja Boy claps back at Famous Dex, apologizes to Akademiks, and answers Bow Wow’s call on “Everyday Struggle” [VIDEO]

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk Staff Writer Two years ago, Soulja Boy began the year dominating the news. Back then, he was getting into it with Chris Brown, and the two had a celebrity boxing match scheduled. Unfortunately, for people wanting to be entertained, that never happened. What Soulja Boy is putting down, in

Love Is In the Air? Bow Wow and Masika Flirt With Each other during the final scene of #GUHHATL Leaving Possible Hints That They’re Messing Around #GUHHATL [VIDEO]

By Ahsinet Monee Staff Writer There has been rumors that Bow Wow and Masika have messed around before, but are these rumors true? Masika Kalysha originally from Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, came to the Atlanta scene and became one of the newest members on Growing Hip Hop Atlanta. She was eager

Bow Wow Is Done Done! Bow Wow’s Mother Told Him To Unfollow His Ex- Girlfriend Kiyomi On All Social Media In Order For Him To Get His Life Together; Twitter Is Saying Oh No, His Mom Should not be focus on their social media and just worry about Bow #GUHHATL [PHOTOS]

By Ahsinet Monee Staff Writer Ain't no secret that Bow Wow and Kiyomi are over. For those who are unaware of Kiyomi Leslie, she works as a Wild N Out Girl for Nick Cannon’s show, Wild N Out, as well as a social media ambassador. During this season, we get to know

Soulja Boy Tell Em! Soulja Boy And Bow Wow Meet up during tonight’s final episode of #GUHHATL and Fans are confused on why Soulja Boy is giving Bow Wow relationship advice when he has his own issues #GUHHATL [PHOTOS]

By Ahsinet Monee Staff Writer Soulja Boy came to give Bow Wow some advice about his relationship. Soulja Boy had some hits back in the day, that we were all jamming to like "Soulja Boy Tell Em", and "Kiss Me Thru The Phone". Since then, Soulja Boy joined the cast of Love