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Xscape talk uneasy exchange with Kandi and Tamika, new music without Kandi, Tamika’s abortion, and Tiny being with T.I. on “Watch What Happens Live” #WWHL [VIDEO]

By Alyssa Debonair Staff Writer Suddenly, Kandi Burruss owns Sunday nights on Bravo. Not only is she the most-prominent person on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta," so far, her group, Xscape, also has a show. Immediately following "RHOA," the new Xscape show airs. Called "Still Kickin' It," the show is a play

They’re out here doing Bow Wow dirty now, photoshopping him into the last photo of Tupac and Suge Knight, in the BMW, and putting him in the “Friends” cast photo [PHOTO]

By Chox-Mak Staff Writer The way they do Bow Wow is wrong, but honestly he brings a lot of this on himself. It's a shame, because Bow Wow is usually telling the truth, but how he puts it makes him the object of ridicule. For anyone questioning if Bow was really

Death Row leads to Bow Wow’s latest Twitter roasting, as Bow cropped himself into the iconic Death Row Records roster photo; Twitter is going in for the kill on Shad Moss

By Chox-Mak Staff Writer All jokes aside, Bow Wow actually was signed to Death Row Records. It was a situation where Snoop Dogg took Bow Wow under his wing. In fact, Bow Wow is actually in the "Gin and Juice" music video, where he is six years old. Death Row Records was

Bow Wow tries to take Future on, by tweeting his own lyrics in the tune of “U.O.E.N.O.,” in response to Future dating Joie Chavis, his baby mama [PHOTO]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Since 2012, Bow Wow has kept himself in the spotlight through his hosting and TV roles. Some fans have questioned why he won't put another album out. However, the Ohio rapper has explained he always liked being an entertainer, of other forms, more than rap. Bow Wow

Bow Wow becomes the laughingstock on Twitter, once again, after denouncing having a girlfriend, saying he wants a female best friend to sleep with, get money with, travel with, and live life with [PHOTO]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Every few months, Bow Wow seems as if he has to do something to put himself back in the spotlight. Usually, embarrassing himself on social media does the trick. If anyone questioned if he could ever top the #BowWowChallenge, he could. Bow Wow is an infamous playboy,