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The Charlotte Hornets saved themselves from further embarrassment and finally beat the Wizards tonight, but is it going to count for anything? #BuzzCity was so frustrating this season

By G Moniy
HHV Sports Contributing Writer

Alright, before even going into it, yes I was the guy who is supposed to be “scared” of that dude from Fox News. Hopefully everybody got their good laugh from that one. Now, it’s time to get back to life how it was before one tweet became all that. Continue reading…

Anthony Davis, star of the New Orleans Pelicans, is allegedly the man in this locker room video, laying naked on the floor, getting spanked [VIDEO]

By Ricki Says
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Currently, Anthony Davis is riding high with DeMarcus Cousins as his newest teammate. However, the Pelicans suffered a blowout loss at the hands of the Houston Rockets. With the season winding down, the Pels don’t have much time to work the kinks out. Continue reading…

Paul Pierce OWNS Draymond Green after he clowns him, saying he’s not Kobe, and not getting a farewell tour by saying he had 73 wins and still blew a 3-1 lead [VIDEO]

By Jay Rich
HHV Sports Staff Writer

During the era of NBA superstars, Paul Pierce was clearly always a level behind the likes of Kobe Bryant and LeBron James. But, Paul Pierce is the only star who holds the distinction of beating them both in the playoffs in the same year. Of course, he had some notable help. Continue reading…

Paul Pierce talks playing final game in Boston against #Celtics, adoration from fans, and love for the franchise in his final game #CelticsvsClippers [VIDEO]

By G Moniy
HHV Sports Contributing Writer

These past few years have been tough on anyone who was born in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Last year, Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan, and Kevin Garnett retired. They will soon be joined by Paul Pierce, which will leave Vince Carter as the last 90s player in the NBA. Continue reading…

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