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Dwight Howard and Marcus Smart FIGHT during the middle of the game; #Hornets and #Celtics fans react on Twitter, each telling the other they don’t want smoke (FULL FIGHT INCLUDED)

By G Moniy HHV Sports Staff Writer The rivalry between the Charlotte Hornets and Boston Celtics is one of the hottest ones in the NBA. Oh sh*t, no it isn't, because Charlotte blew too many games in the 2014-15 and 2016-17 to make the playoffs those years. But, 2015-16 showed a glimpse

Yeah, it’s way to early to read anything into this, but Aaron Gordon’s Orlando Magic are the top seed in the Eastern Conference and giving the SPURS that WORK!

By G Moniy HHV Sports Staff Writer It's funny how anything that challenges the norm gets laughed at. What was said by Aaron Gordon is how every NBA player should be feeling when he said he wants to be the best player, this season. People acting like LeBron James is always going

Don’t look now, but Cleveland rapper, Q Money, may just be the next major breakout rapper, as he drops his “Neva Had Sh*t” video dropped and was played at the Cavs’ game, last night

By Chox-Mak Staff Writer Much credit and many props go out to all of the up-and-coming rappers, out here getting it done. There are too many of those guys to count, who are getting over 100,000 streams for each of their releases. Any of these guys, AND LADIES, could easily be