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Lou gives Supa Cent a public apology, calls her his fiance, thanks her for giving him a baby girl, and tells her he wishes he was better; Posts photo of her draped on his shoulder [PHOTO]

By Bossyy Staff Writer The world of Supa Cent and Lou is a TV show within itself. A few years ago, social media fell in love with Supa Cent, the New Orleans native, who bootstrapped her own cosmetics company. While the masses fawn over Kylie Jenner, Supa Cent truly came from

Supa Cent finally addresses the rumors of Lou getting another woman pregnant, telling people she would have aired him out if it were true + Reveals she stabbed him in the face [PHOTOS]

By Bossyy Staff Writer Already a rising mogul, Supa Cent has built a solid career for herself in the cosmetics world. Few people can say they have ever made $1 million in their lifetime. But, through her company, Supa Cent made $1 million in one day. Supa Cent was already well-known in