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Amber Rose is dating Tyga’s best friend, A.E., who he shouted out on #Taste, and this is allegedly the reason she and Blac Chyna had a falling out, but the two are friends again [PHOTOS]

By M.A.C. Staff Writer Coming into 2018, Tyga was the last person people were thinking about, in terms of delivering a hit record. Instead, Tyga ended up offering the biggest song of the summer. His single, "Taste," which features Offset, became the anthem of the year. Tyga definitely put himself back on

Amber Rose shades TF out of bestie, Blac Chyna, in IG post, referring to her as the “sidekick,” and saying she’s nowhere to be found, because all males are ages 19 and above [PHOTO]

By M.A.C. Staff Writer First of all, Amber Rose looks beautiful with her purple hair, as she's out here being her best her. Second of all, Amber Rose was just joking around with her best friend. People can't front like they don't play around with their friends on social media like