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DJ Envy walks out on #TheBreakfastClub interview with Desus and Mero, after they mention his wife, and Twitter finds this whole situation to be HILARIOUS, after Charlemagne (Charlamagne) and Angela Yee just keep talking! (FULL VIDEO INCLUDED)

By Ricki Says Staff Writer The maritial issues DJ Envy and his wife have endured, over the years, are often discussed. Caught in a bad situation, DJ Envy owned up to his wrong and apologized to his wife. But, he didn't just do it over social media, he did it on

NBA Youngboy’s mother talks about his arrest on IG Live, going off on people commenting, asking them “B*TCH, WHERE THE F*CK AM I SUPPOSED TO BE?” after being criticized for being on Live, while he’s in jail

By Ricki Says Staff Writer With NBA Youngboy running around, underage, with his girlfriend, and getting into trouble, people have asked where is his mother. That phrase, "be careful what you ask for," definitely came into play. Last night, NBA Youngboy's mother made herself known. NBA Youngboy has consistently been taking the

Birdman talks Nicki Minaj’s absence from social media, telling Wendy Williams she’s working on her new album + Calls her the most-talented female in hip hop history #WendyWilliams [VIDEO]

By Chox-Mak Staff Writer The last time Nicki Minaj posted, was December 30. Many people took it as Nicki feeling overshadowed, as Cardi B has risen to take the game over. Then, there were all kinds of rumors, like Nicki Minaj having a baby, losing a baby, or even being in