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EA Sports Apologizes for Censoring Colin Kaepernick’s Name From Madden ‘19 Soundtrack: “We Made an Unfortunate Mistake”

By Tamantha Staff Writer EA Sports has issued an apology after they received backlash for censoring out Colin Kaepernick’s name in YG’s “Big Bank” song. In the apology, EA Sports said: “We made an unfortunate mistake with our Madden NFL soundtrack.  Members of our team misunderstood the fact that while we don’t have

YG Calls Out Madden For Not Running Colin Kaepernick Lyric Censor By Him

By Tamantha Staff Writer Rapper YG is calling out Madden after they censored Colin Kaepernick’s name from his hit song, “Big Bank” on the game’s 2019 soundtrack.  In the song, Big Sean originally says “Feed me to the wolves, now I lead the pack and sh*t. You boys all cap, I'm

@DeVito responds to the tweets from Big Sean’s Twitter, jokingly confirming the claims about Ariana Grande: “She wanted to see how a real rapper f*cks” [PHOTO]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer This afternoon, Big Sean ended up giving fans a good laugh. His Twitter got hacked and the hacker decided to have some fun with Sean's history with Ariana Grande. Via the tweets, Big Sean's account went at many big names. However, there was a relatively smaller name

Big Sean hacked on Twitter? Tweets from Big Sean’s account say Ariana Grande has been cheating on Pete with him, accuses her of cheating on him with @DeVito, and gives people a Twitter to follow for Ariana nudes; Twitter is in shock [PHOTOS]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Apparently, this is the new phenomenon, people hacking into celebrity accounts. This isn't anything new, as it has been going on since social media came into play. However, more recently, people have increasingly been hacking celebrities. Big Sean is the latest hacking victim and the hacker seems

Yasmine Lopez (@theyasminelopez) puts Nicki Minaj on blast, over the #BigBank video shoot, accusing her of having her removed, because she wanted to be the only one on the pink horse, and adds that she’s a “bothered a** b*tch, bothered by Cardi”

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Definitely, Nicki Minaj commands a presence, and that has never been a secret. Since early in her career, Nicki Minaj has always stood for her own vision. When a person has that type of personality, it becomes easy for them to clash with others. Recently, Nicki Minaj