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Brooke Valentine made the wrong move on #LHHH, according to fans, the show is making her look “corny”

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Until earlier this summer, Brooke Valentine was virtually forgotten by almost everyone. Early in 2005, she released "Girlfight," her crunk-infused single, featuring Lil Jon and Big Boi. Following that moment, she seemingly fell from the face of the Earth. But, Brooke Valentine returned on "Love & Hip

Brooke Valentine is the one everybody forgot about, but the girl behind the 2005 hit, “GirlFight,” singer is on #LHHH this season and fans are questioning why + She and Hazel-E fought

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Everybody who had a hit song in 2005 has found their way to VH1's third "Love & Hip Hop," "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood." In the summer of 2005, Teairra Mari released "Make Her Feel Good." Most forgot her, but she returned in 2010 with "Sponsor,"