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Bhad Bhabie Claps Back at Black Women Who Criticize Her For Wearing Box Braids: “Y’all hair ain’t meant to be straight but y’all glue whole wigs to your heads” [PHOTOS]

By Tamantha Staff Writer Obviously, Bhad Bhabie didn’t learn to keep her mouth closed after Woah Vicky beat her up. Many people, especially black women, called Bhad Bhabie out for cultural appropriation, after she debuted her new box braids on Instagram. She responded to those who criticized her braids, but her response may

Vicky is declared the winner of the Bhad Bhabie fight on Twitter, as fans say “to be fair, Vicky caught her INSIDE,” not outside, but is going to jail for hitting a minor; @shotbydcastro blasts Akaemiks for stealing his footage

By Bossyy Staff Writer This morning, Woah Vicky finally caught up with Bhad Bhabie, following a lot of social media beefing. As promised, a fight went down, but Bhad was the one who went down. Really, so much for the whole "cash me ousside" routine. Woah Vicky is a social media star,

The Ghetto: Woah Vicky and Bhad Bhabie Get Into Fight [VIDEO]

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk Staff Writer Bhad Bhabie recently covered up her NBA Youngboy “Kentrell” tattoo with a butterfly. This was after speculation rust the two were dating back in August. She shut that down by saying people didn’t know what happened behind the scenes and that she didn’t get the tat

Bhad Bhabie Covers Up NBA Youngboy Tattoo With Butterfly After Over Two Months and Saying She Didn’t Get it To Try to Be With Him [PHOTOS]

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk Staff Writer Back in August, there was speculation that Baton Rouge rapper NBA Youngboy and Bhad Bhabie could really be a thing. This was after Bhabie finished up tattooing his name on her arm which read “Kentrell” (Youngboy’s real name) Bhabie defended this move by saying people don’t know

Asian Doll Calls Out Her Friend, Bhad Bhabie, For Bringing Up Nicki Minaj’s Name While Talking About Having Ghost Writers: “Learn how to defend yo self without pointing fingers at the next b*tch!” [PHOTOS]

By Tamantha Staff Writer Asian Doll is checking her friends when she feels like it is necessary. Last night, Bhad Bhabie went on a rant about having ghostwriters. She claims that she doesn’t understand why people go so hard on her for having ghostwriters, when Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, and Cardi B