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Rapper T.I. gets arrested trying to enter his gated community, the same place where an NFL player was slammed, and he is charged with public drunkenness

By Chox-Mak Staff Writer Since he was officially released from prison, in 2011, T.I. has been on the up and up. He has wholly focused on his businesses and reinvented himself as a TV personality. Currently, T.I. is preparing for his BET reality series, "The Grand Hustle." T.I. made a lot of

Tank gets called out by Thaddeus Matthews, aka The Cussin’ Pastor, and gets drawn into social media beef with him, over the language he uses, and whether or not he curses on the pulpit + Battles people defending him #ManCaveBET [PHOTOS]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Coming into 2018, Tank has completed his transition into being an actor/TV personality. However, the crazy thing about it is how he actually scored the biggest hit of his music career, beforehand. His single, "When We," is showing up everywhere. Tank is proving that traditional R&B still