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Bernice don’t back down! “South Beach Tow” star, Bernice, owns Twitter after being run over, falling three stories from parking deck, and walking back over to the car, punching in the window, and beating the girl who ran her over [VIDEO]

By Bossyy Staff Writer For once, Bernice is trending, and it has nothing to do with Bernice Burgos, not at all. But, that doesn't mean it is disappointing, in the slightest. Take the two minutes to watch this video and it is life-changing. While watching the video isn't actually life-changing, it really

Young M.A iced her girlfriend out, for her 21st birthday, and Twitter reacts to her girl only being 21, while lonely females say that could have been them [VIDEO]

By Bossyy Staff Writer During the spring, Young M.A went public with her new relationship, coming weeks after the Bernice Burgos music video. Some said M.A has a type, as the pics of the woman looked like Bernice. But, she hadn't shared much about the woman in her life. While Young M.A

Young MA tells fans to get off the situation with her and Kodak Black, letting them know she’ll handle it, calling him and the fans weird, again, saying she knows she’s a female, blasting those for making this into a joke [VIDEO]

  By Tamantha Staff Writer Not too long ago, Kodak Black put a song out, where he mentioned wanting to smash Young M.A. Since 2016, Young M.A has been a prominent figure in the industry. Three years ago, "OooUuu" was her breakout hit single. Young M.A is often the subject of rumors, with

Young M.A rants about Kodak Black rapping about smashing her, calling him “weird,” and the guys egging it on “weird,” adding that Kodak has to “be on something” + Says she will see him tomorrow and talk to him [VIDEO]

By Tamantha Staff Writer Until Young M.A's success, conventional wisdom said rappers like her couldn't make it, on a mainstream level. But, Young M.A proves what real music heads already know, a hit record is all that's necessary. In the early days of "Ooouuu," people didn't know what Young M.A was. What

Bernice Burgos and Young MA are really a thing? Twitter thinks so, after watching the “Stubborn Ass” music video, saying MA is smashing all the IG models, after this #VDay music video dropped

By Tamantha Staff Writer For a little bit, people have speculated about Bernice Burgos and rapper, Young M.A being an item. These rumors began, after it became clear Young M.A and Ari were just for play. Just like before, there are a ton of social media hints. Young M.A was looking to