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Brittney B gets dragged by Twitter, after fight with Zell and Paris, but fans do believe Zell and Paris started with her + Twitter clowns her wig #LHHH

By Bossyy Staff Writer The dislike of Brittney B is rather strong, this many weeks in, on season six of "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood." No joke, Brittney B's unpopularity is bordering on BBOD levels. Many fans have disliked Brittney B for how she goes about things. Close friends with K. Michelle,

Fans on Twitter seem to still hate Pooh, but they gave her the W for her hilarious roast on Shekinah, where she called her “uncomfortable looking” #LHHATL #LHHATLReunion

By Bossyy Staff Writer Definitely not on BBOD status, but Pooh is definitely not a favorite among the fans. Through the years, Karlie Redd built a reputation as being "messy," always in somebody's business. This season, Karlie dealt with someone (Pooh) always being in her business. Pooh, who claimed she wanted to

Mariah Lynn blasts NBA Youngboy for texting her about Skinnyfromthe9, sending threats, telling him “I will smack y’all little kids, like y’all my f*cking sons and daughters” + Says she never heard of him, looked him up, and saw video of him beating his girlfriend #LHHNY [VIDEO]

By Ahsinet Monee Staff Writer Until last night, "Love & Hip Hop" fans were happy about the season. A person who is NOT a fan fave showed up in the previews, as a returning person. Mariah Lynn is back, with DJ Self, and the fans seem like they hate it, for

Bianca and Mariah Lynn, former #LHHNY besties, reportedly got into a fight last night; Bianca claims she won, showing a shoe + hair extensions on IG to prove it, but Mariah dismisses it, saying “These b*tches love cappin for the gram” [PHOTO]

By M.A.C. Staff Writer Honestly, anyone who watched "Love & Hip Hop" probably saw this coming. In 2015, Bianca (formerly known as Young B) joined the show, alongside Cardi B and MariahLynn. Out of the three, Bianca was the only one with real industry success, but Cardi B was clearly the

Keely is being blasted by #LHHATL on Twitter, for being all up in Sierra and Shooter’s business, and the fans aren’t here for her now, or next season + Tokyo owns her, calling her “Miss Potato Head” #LHHReunion

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Every now and again, the "Love & Hip Hop" franchise casts a person that's universally liked (Cardi B/Amara La Negra). Then again, they may also bring on a person that is universally hated. Cases of this include the likes of BBOD and Keely. From the jump, BBOD

MariahLynn makes people believe she’s leaving “Love & Hip Hop” after IG post, where she says “3 years on TV … it’s time to close that book” #LHHNY [PHOTO]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer In 2015, "Love & Hip Hop" saw a major cast overhaul. Many cast members left, which opened the door for MariahLynn, Bianca, formerly known as Young B, and Cardi B to join. Instantly, these girls clashed with BBOD. For whatever reason, the fans hated BBOD, so MariahLynn