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OG ended up owning the #bbwlareunion, when she pulled out the money gun, telling Evelyn she makes money on her back and sometimes knees, when Ev bragged about making money in her sleep #BBWReunion

By Bossyy Staff Writer All season long, Evelyn and OG have had tension, and it was bound to come to a head. Anyone knowing "Basketball Wives" knows Evelyn is going to find a feud. With Tami Roman more focused on acting, she left the show in the middle of the season,

Marc Lamont Hill got tried by Twitter, but this brother had time, and he took all shots, firing back with straight facts about OG, the editing, and his role #bbwlareunion

By Bossyy Staff Writer After part one of the "Basketball Wives" reunion, Marc Lamont Hill got dragged by the fans on Twitter. Given his background in journalism, fans were upset by how messy the reunion was. Likely due to his background, Marc Lamont Hill didn't even reply, last week. But, even the

Jennifer finally stood up for herself, saying “I’m straight,” when asked about the Evelyn situation, and has moved on from the “mean girls,” and Twitter says they love her finally being a G and having a spine #bbwlareunion

By Bossyy Staff Writer During her original run, on "Basketball Wives," Jennifer Williams was the right hand to Evelyn Lozada. Had she been any closer, she might has well been her actual arm. Before her run was over, Evelyn had a falling out with Jennifer, kicking her out of the group. It

Twitter got jokes, laughing at how the camera panned in on Feby, when OG mentioned not having veneers or plastic surgery, calling the cameraman “shady” + Feby gets dragged for calling OG “ugly” #BBWReunion #bbwlareunion

By Bossyy Staff Writer During the second half of "Basketball Wives" season eight, the show update the confessional looks. Of course, all the ladies were changing their looks up, just a little bit. But, Feby changed the entire way she looked, and left people confused. Feby had plastic surgery and it was

Evelyn gets dragged by Twitter for her comments about OG, women of color, calling CeCe “lingling,” saying the “N-word” and was called a bully #BBWReunion #bbwlareunion

By Bossyy Staff Writer Ultimately, fans were NOT here for Evelyn Lozada and her antics. On the "Basketball Wives" reunion, Ev and OG continued to spar. Their issues began over color and colorism, but ended up also including receipts on Ochocinco. Evelyn spoke on how she was not bothered by the Ochocinco