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B2K Group Member J Boog Teases The Second Installment of ‘You Got Served’ Coming Soon #YouGotServed2

By @MinneeTellsItAll Contributing Writer Millennials worldwide, this is our year! In the midst of all the excitement behind the reunion of B2K and their upcoming 'The Millennium Tour,' fans get another major announcement. Today (January 14th) bandmate J Boog teases a second installment of the classic dance movie, “You Got Served.” J

Nia Riley Drags A Fan Who Accuses Her Of Still Messing With Lil Fizz, when she comments on his IG, calling her a “hoe HOE” #MarriageBootCamp #LHHH [PHOTO]

By Ahsinet Monee Staff Writer Nia wants everyone to stop accusing her of messing with B2K Member Lil Fizz. A few years ago, during the airing of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, Nia Riley had posted a picture on her and Fizz on snapchat, fans  assumed that they're were dating and

Fans are not feeling Lil Fizz or Apryl Jones, as they trash them both in the IG comments of Omarion’s interview with Raquel Harper; Fizz gets blasted for being disloyal and Apryl gets accued of trying to get back at Omarion #RaqRants #LHHH

By @MinneeTellsItAll Contributing Writer This week’s trending topic goes to the “bro code.” For the last couple of days, fans have been living on the high of B2K being reunited along with Omarion and his baby mama drama with band mate Lil’ Fizz. This comes after Fizz and Apryl Jones were spotted

Omarion breaks silence on the Apryl Jones/Lil Fizz rumors on “Raq Rants,” saying Apryl is a grown woman and she can do what she wants #TheMillenniumTour #LHHH [VIDEO]

By Ahsinet Monee Staff Writer During the first two seasons of "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood," Omarion reintroduced himself to a new generation. The former B2K frontman was still hanging out with Lil Fizz and starting his family. In the midst of that, "Post To Be" happened, and things changed. Omarion was

B2K reunites for #TheMillenniumTour announcement video and fans on Twitter point out how Omarion and Lil Fizz are separated from each other and all the Apryl Jones drama #LHHH + Fans say Fizz had the right idea and question Raz B’s hand sign! [VIDEO]

By Ahsinet Monee Staff Writer During "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" season four, Lil Fizz had a conversation with Bobby Brown. At the time, Bobby Brown was riding the high of "The New Edition Story." With that, Bobby Brown suggested to Fizz that B2K reunite. Lil Fizz immediately called Raz B, who

Chris Stokes is being dragged by Twitter in the wake of #SurvivingRKelly, as fans say he needs to have a documentary exposing his alleged wrongdoing of Omarion, Marques Houston, Raz B, Immature, and B2K

By Ahsinet Monee Staff Writer Following months of anticipation, "Surviving R. Kelly" made its debut on the Lifetime network. Since 2001, R. Kelly has faced accusations of sexual harassment. Particularly, Kelly has been accused of sexual acts with females not yet of age. The Chicago singer, however, was never convicted of any

Apryl Jones and Moniece get into HEATED argument on IG Live over Moniece posting on IG that Fizz took her son to Chicago with Apryl; Moniece says she wasn’t being petty, but her son always acts weird when Apryl is mentioned, as Apryl says Moniece was being petty over Lil Fizz #LHHH [VIDEO]

By Ahsinet Monee Staff Writer Early this year, rumor was that Lil Fizz was dating Apryl Jones. The news came as a shock, seeing how Fizz and Omarion were close, outside of their B2K history. Clearly, there was tension, as Omarion turned down Fizz's B2K reunion proposal, but dating his ex

Moniece explains her “Fizz is in Chicago with Apryl and the kids” IG comment, saying she wasn’t trying to be shady, and that she likes Apryl, but it was impossible to be Fizz’s arm, since he and Apryl are in Chicago #LHHH [VIDEO]

By Ahsinet Monee Staff Writer Last night, Moniece confirmed the rumors of Lil Fizz and Apryl Jones dating. Early this year, not only were there rumors of Fizz and Apryl dating, but she also reportedly filmed for the show. If she did, those scenes never aired, obviously. Moniece and AD have finally