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Apryl Jones posts booty pic on IG, with “rebel til the day I die” caption, which some believe is in response to her #LHHH backlash from last night’s episode [PHOTO]

By Bossyy Staff Writer Currently, Apryl Jones is the controversy queen, both on "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood," and on the blogs. During the B2K reunion tour, many thought Apryl would ruin the tour, due to hanging out with Lil Fizz. This is now playing out on the show. To date, Apryl

Fizz and Apryl are getting on #LHHH fans’ nerves; Twitter drags Fizz and Apryl over being “friends,” when they think they are really smashing, risking B2K’s bag, and Apryl being hurt over Omarion

By Bossyy Staff Writer Fizz and Apryl, Apryl and Fizz, these two right here are really something. Two years have gone by and the world really still doesn't know what's up with them. In 2017, there were rumors of Lil Fizz being involved with Apryl, Omarion's baby mama. Actually, there were rumors

Immature gets dragged on Twitter for wanting as much money as Marques Houston; Fans side with MH and say he is the vocals of the group #LHHH

By Bossyy Staff Writer A lot of people on Twitter are trying to dismiss Immature aka IMX, but it's clear they're too young to remember. Those who do understand how much bigger they were than B2K. After all, there is a reason Marques Houston's solo career was bigger than Omarion's. Immature reunited,

J-Booog is about his business and #LHHH fans are here for that, but they are NOT with Marques Houston being his cousin, bringing up how Omarion was supposed to be his brother

By Bossyy Staff Writer Why not J-Booog if Jay-Z could do it, right? J-Booog is relatively young, still, and is the one keeping the B2K tour together. His sitdown with Fizz was very reminiscent of Michael Bivins, who rose to be the business head of New Edition. Like Bivins, J-Booog wants his

Lil Fizz gets trashed by Twitter for claiming he and Omarion were never friends, only J-Boog was, as fans point out the #LHHH scenes from seasons one and two

By Bossyy Staff Writer During the B2K era, Lil Fizz and Omarion were presented as the best of friends. But, people also were led to believe Marques Houston was actually Omarion's older brother. Clearly, that wasn't true, and there were videos of Lil Fizz dissing Omarion. Two years ago, Lil Fizz and

Raz-B’s Manager Denies Claims From Woman Of Raz Wanting Sex In Exchange For Boosting Her Modeling Career: “Because She Didn’t Get A Deal Doesn’t Warrant Destroying Raz”

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk Staff Writer Over an hour ago, a woman named Mercedes Powell came forward to us at HHV saying that B2K member Raz-B flew her out to Las Vegas in order to enhance her modeling career. Once she got to Vegas, Raz reportedly said he wanted to have sex

Woman, Mercedes Powell, Says B2K Member Raz-B Allegedly Flew Her Out To Las Vegas To Boost Modeling Career But He Wanted Sex In Exchange For His Connections [PHOTOS]

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk Staff Writer B2K has been on The Millennium Tour in 2019 which brought out 2000s superstars such as Mario, Ying Yang Twins, Pretty Ricky, Bobby Valentino, Lloyd, and and Chingy. Raz-B is 1/3 of B2K and had a lot of success with the group during that decade as