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Avant has six months to live, according to one website, claiming to have an official statement from his PR team, but on Avant’s Twitter, he is promoting his new single

By Tamantha Staff Writer Unfortunately, Avant suffered the same fate as a lot of artists that rose in the late 1990s and dominated the early 2000s, his music fell off. The last hit he had was "4 Minutes," back in 2006. On the strictly R&B stations, Avant remained a powerhouse, though. But,

Avant has Twitter worried again! The singer has lost such a massive amount of weight that one fan said he looks like he only has 3 minutes, not 4

By Tamantha Staff Writer It seems like Avant can't win for losing, with social media. First things first, Avant was a relatively popular singer, in the late 1990s, when he rose to fame. Until 2001, though, Avant didn't become a full-blown big name, in R&B. Avant would be credited, by most fans,

Keke Wyatt video of her serving vocals goes viral and fans start a debate on Twitter about her being a better singer than Beyonce; The #BeyHive isn’t having that (FULL VIDEO INCLUDED) [VIDEO]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer In the early 2000s, Keke Wyatt made a name for herself, singing alongside Avant on some classic tracks. The most-popular out of all of them was "Nothing In This World," from 2001. By 2002, that song became a very big record. Keke Wyatt, in the years since

Keke Wyatt is trending on Twitter after she shares a video, where she tells the fans her husband wants to divorce her, despite having nine kids, including one with cancer “y’all can have Michael Jamar” [VIDEO]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer After all of these years, Keke Wyatt is still known for her ballad, alongside Avant, "Nothing In This World." Aside from this, her claim to fame is "R&B Divas," where she shared her personal life. A few months ago, Keke Wyatt revealed she was pregnant with