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Lala Baptise, Gunna’s alleged ex-girlfriend, likes shady tweet about him and Jai Nice dating, calling them the strangest couple

By Bossyy Staff Writer Currently, Gunna is one of the hottest Atlanta rappers, experiencing his breakthrough hit, last fall. Now, he is currently working on tons of new music, and continuing to get his name out there. The Atlanta rapper is also seeing his personal life become headline news. Last week, Gunna

Carti had Twitter thinking he was gonna drop “Whole Lotta Red,” but Playboi lived up to his name, and left his fans hanging, asking where’s the album

By Jay Rich Staff Writer Tonight, Playboi Carti had fans up, waiting on him to finally drop his new album. The popular rapper was supposed to drop Whole Lotta Red, tonight, and fans were waiting for it. But, it looks like that wait will have to last a little longer. Playboi Carti first

Quality Control updates on JT, of City Girls’ release + What’s next with Lil Yachty, Migos, and Cardi B on Hot 97 [VIDEO]

By Jay Rich Staff Writer In 2013, Quality Control silently began taking over the Atlanta music scene. For decades, Atlanta has produced an endless supply of music stars. But, Coach K and P began organizing this, signing these talents to their label. QC eventually worked their way into a direct partnership with