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Florida woman, Lorie Morin, shot her boyfriend for snoring too loudly, according to deputies, and is now facing attempted murder charges

By Tamantha Staff Writer Darius (LaKeith Stanfield) already put everybody onto Florida Man, during "Atlanta" season two. What Darius forgot to warn about was the equally-dangerous Florida Woman. For somebody that knows everything, he left people hanging with that one. In Cocoa, Florida, here is yet another bizarre story, revolving around a

Katt Williams gathered her a**! Katt Williams roasts TF out of Wanda Smith on V-103’s “Frank And Wanda In The Morning,” saying she needs to take off the headphone and her wig, and she has a 600 cholesterol (FULL INTERVIEW INCLUDED) [VIDEO]

By M.A.C. Staff Writer This morning, Katt Williams stopped by V-103, where he would speak to the "Frank and Wanda In The Morning" show crew. As soon as the interview began, Wanda began coming for Katt. Anyone who has watched his standup knows that isn't too smart. Katt Williams is a major

Katt Williams gets into an argument with two men, on the freeway, as they shout insults to each other, and Katt accuses the man of “clout chasing,” as he tells Katt his car is rented [VIDEO]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Throughout his career, Katt Williams has gone through many ups and downs. When he was up, though, Katt Williams was the funniest comedian in the game. The veteran comedian has been on a comeback, as of late. Following his Netflix special, early this year, Katt Williams had