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Men who robbed Safaree, last year, have been indicted; Shawn Harewood, Tacuma Ashman, and Carl Harry were all indicted with 7-counts including armed robbery in the first degree and unlawful possession of a gun in the second degree

By Prince Hakeem Staff Writer Nearly a year ago, Safaree got robbed on his way to a his interview with Angie Martinez. Known for rocking his furs and extensive jewelry, Safaree made himself a major target. This is something Joe Budden actually told him, on "Love & Hip Hop," this season. Aside

Fatboy SSE talks Fashion Nova line, Cardi B paving the way for artists to make money on Instagram, and more with Angie Martinez [VIDEO]

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk Staff Writer Through the past three years, Fatboy SSE has established himself as one of social media's biggest personalities. He is a part of the continued wave of talent coming from New Jersey. In his comeback, Lil Wayne leaned heavily on this talent, for his "Uproar" video. Fatboy SSE,