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Men who robbed Safaree, last year, have been indicted; Shawn Harewood, Tacuma Ashman, and Carl Harry were all indicted with 7-counts including armed robbery in the first degree and unlawful possession of a gun in the second degree

By Prince Hakeem Staff Writer Nearly a year ago, Safaree got robbed on his way to a his interview with Angie Martinez. Known for rocking his furs and extensive jewelry, Safaree made himself a major target. This is something Joe Budden actually told him, on "Love & Hip Hop," this season. Aside

Fatboy SSE talks Fashion Nova line, Cardi B paving the way for artists to make money on Instagram, and more with Angie Martinez [VIDEO]

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk Staff Writer Through the past three years, Fatboy SSE has established himself as one of social media's biggest personalities. He is a part of the continued wave of talent coming from New Jersey. In his comeback, Lil Wayne leaned heavily on this talent, for his "Uproar" video. Fatboy SSE,

Safaree goes off on Twitter rant, threatening to expose a person who keeps trying him, and fans think he’s talking about Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Usually, Safaree is the life of the party, keeping people laughing, and giving those trademark facial expressions. However, there have been times when Safaree had serious situations, too. The most notable was when he went on Angie Martinez' show, after being held at gunpoint. Safaree also had