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#RIPAniah: Alabama investigators found the remains, they believe, of Aniah Blanchard, declaring her dead, and Twitter mourns, paying their respects

By Bossyy Staff Writer Here it is, the news that no person with a heart wants to hear. The search and investigation has ended, with Alabama investigators finding what they believe are Aniah Blanchard's remains. Social media has been in an uproar, ever since Blanchard went missing. Early on, a friend of

#RIPCupcake: Body of three-year-old, Kamille “Cupcake” McKinney, found, and Twitter mourns the loss of the Birmingham toddler, questioning why someone would kill an innocent 3-year-old

By Bossyy Staff Writer Some may question what this world is coming to, but this world has always been evil. Then, some may speak on the meaning of life, but life doesn't love the people who live it. But, any human, every human, is expected to have some form of decency. Even

Hosea Chanchez, of BET’s “The Game,” shares painful memory of his friend’s dad sexually molesting him when he was only fourteen years old + Reveals the man’s name, Isaac Sanders [PHOTOS]

By Bossyy Staff Writer Everyone goes through something in life, but what some experience is just more profound than others. What a person experiences is not who they are, but it has a strong influence on them. The things experienced by Hosea Chanchez led to his success, as an actor. Hosea Chanchez