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Kelly Rowland has been trending on Twitter, all day, it has nothing to do with the #NBAAwards or #LHHATL, this is something the fellas will enjoy though, because her booty is crazy… It puts Beyonce’s to shame, too bad it’s not really Kelly though…

By Stranga The Great Staff Writer The people on Twitter are really a trip and they're wild for this one. All evening, Kelly Rowland has been trending on Twitter. She's been trending because of the photo above, as they are checking out all that booty on her. This doesn't even require a

Ben Simmons wins Rookie of the Year and Twitter isn’t having it, saying the Sixers’ star isn’t even a rookie, and Donovan Mitchell got snubbed, calling him “Rookie of a couple of years” and comparing him to a sophomore joining the freshman team after not making JV #NBAAwards

By G Moniy Staff Writer It's hard to really know how to feel about this, but Ben Simmons isn't the first player like this. The 2010-2011 campaign was considered Blake Griffin's rookie year, because he was injured the season before. Back in the day, David Robinson missed his first two years,