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Arizona Iced Tea? Angelo Russell (D’Angelo Russell) is being ROASTED by Twitter for hiding his weed in an Arizona Iced Tea can, boarding a plane, just days after the Brooklyn Nets lost in the playoffs

By Prince Hakeem Staff Writer This season, D'Angelo Russell stepped up in a big way to become a real star in the NBA. In 2017, he joined the Brooklyn Nets, going through the struggle with them. Now, he is one of the instrumental people who led them to their first playoffs

Did Lowry really just put up 0 points in Game 1? Kyle Lowry is labeled a certified bum, trash, and a disappointment by Raptors fans after scoring 0 points in #NBAPlayoffs Game 1 vs. Magic, typical playoff mode, as DJ Augustin hit amazing game-winning shot

By Prince Hakeem Staff Writer Every year, fans blamed DeMar DeRozan for how poorly the Raptors performed, in the playoffs. Nevermind the fact that, before DeRozan, the Raptors were never serious contenders. After Chris Bosh spurned the Raptors, DeRozan stayed to build something. With Kyle Lowry, DeMar DeRozan formed a core that

#PhilaUnite: The city of Philadelphia comes together, rallying on Twitter, for the Philadelphia 76ers, as they begin the playoffs, against the Brooklyn Nets, today #HereTheyCome

By Prince Hakeem Staff Writer Following years of #TrustTheProcess, the Philadelphia 76ers broke through, last season. Led by Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid, the Sixers won 52 games, making the playoffs for the first time since 2012. Their playoff run was nearly identical to 2012, in 2018. In the first round, the

Dwight Howard gets outed by a transgender woman, Masin Elije, who EXPOSES the Washington Wizards player, sharing their DMs, accusing him of sexually harassing, threatening, and manipulating her, adding she is afraid for her life; Meanwhile Twitter has jokes about Howard’s buttocks injury, and Royce Reed comments (FULL CONVO INCLUDED) [PHOTOS]

By Ahsinet Monee Staff Writer It seems like things have only gone from bad to worse for Dwight Howard, in the eyes of the public. In his actual life, things are likely going fine, but he can't be happy with this news. As of press time, he is the top trending

Chris Paul and James Harden talk facing 3-1 deficit, coming back despite Warriors’ hot start, being healthy, chemistry, and Rockets’ focus going into Game 5 #NBAPlayoffs [VIDEO]

By Jay Rich HHV Sports Senior Staff Writer In the case of the Houston Rockets, they were facing two different realities. Coming into last night's game, the Rockets could have gone down 3-1, needing to win at home. At the same time, they could've stolen one at Oracle, and have the advantage,

Rockets in 5? Twitter switched up on the Warriors after Houston blows Golden State out 127-105 in Game 2 and Chris Paul keeps getting revenge on Steph Curry #RocketsWarriors

By G Moniy HHV Sports Staff Writer Look, the Rockets aren't the Toronto Raptors, they're not going down 0-2 after working all season for home court advantage. This is a team that has James Harden and Chris Paul. For all of their playoff shortcomings, that's still a lot of offensive firepower. Also, this

Tonight, the Toronto Raptors firmly established themselves as the worst number one seed of all-time, as the Cavs advance to the Eastern Conference Finals… again #CavsRaptors #CLEvsTOR

By G Moniy HHV Sports Staff Writer By the way, none of this is anything personal, because it's just like what the homie, Draymond Green, said, it's just a game. But, when it comes to actually competing, the Toronto Raptors SUCK. They had this whole season, all of these wins, just to

Anthony Davis and Jrue Holiday talk coming home for Game 3 and getting a big win, Pelicans being undefeated at home, playing Warriors in 2015, energy from crowd, and more #GSWvsNOP

By Jay Rich HHV Sports Staff Writer This season was the first time the New Orleans Pelicans made the playoffs, in three years. Seeing how they dominated the Blazers, in the first round, and the Warriors in Game 3, the casual fan would've never guessed. This Pelicans' team is special, with their

Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, and Draymond Green talk Game 3 New Orleans’ scoring runs, bad start, Steph’s injury, Draymond vs. Rajon Rondo, Anthony Davis, and more #GSWvsNOP #NBAPlayoffs [VIDEO]

By Jay Rich HHV Sports Senior Staff Writer Obviously, this season hasn't been like the other Golden State Warriors' seasons. Usually, this team wins 67 games and they bulldoze through the playoffs. The only time they really struggled, outside of the Finals, was the 2015 second round against Memphis. Since Game 2, the