Nicki Minaj breaks silence on Grammy performance [VIDEO]

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In a little under two years, Nicki Minaj has become one of the biggest stars ever. She has grown accustomed to stealing the show, whether it be on a song or a live performance. Two nights ago was no different for Nicki Minaj, as she became the hottest topic of the 54th Annual Grammy Awards. Her performance was considered controversial by many, as she performed an exorcism on her alter-ego, Roman.

Nicki Minaj is used to doing strange performances and then receiving rave reviews, but this was not the case. Recently, she discussed this, telling Ryan Seacrest, the Grammys chose “Roman Holiday” for her to perform. Nicki Minaj said when the producers heard “Roman Holiday,” they did not give her a choice.

Discussing the theme of the performance, Nicki Minaj said Roman is catching heat because he is not “normal.” While an exorcism is performed on Roman, he is not exorcized. Even after the Holy water is thrown on him, he still is unchanged. The moral of the story is Roman is great the way he is, regardless of what the people think of him.

Watch the entire interview below:

Murphy Lee – “The Ladies Edition”

It has been eight years since Murphy Lee enjoyed mainstream success. The St. Louis rapper may be out of the public eye, but he has continued his legacy in his local area. Not only is Murphy Lee considered one of the best rappers in St. Louis history, he is also among the most-prominent businessmen in the area. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, Murphy Lee decided to make a brief return to the rap game with his new mixtape, The Ladies Edition.

Download The Ladies Edition by Murphy Lee below:
[The Ladies Edition Download]

Kid Comz’ “Get Off” music video Coming Soon

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After spending the bulk of this past Sunday with Kid Comz, it is clear he is one of the hardest-working men in hip hop. Last year, Kid Comz released his “Get Off” single, which has become very popular. Building more interest in the single, the Jacksonville, North Carolina-based emcee held a video shoot for the single.

Perhaps the coldest day of the year, Kid Comz did what was necessary to ensure the music video was a success. During Hip Hop Vibe’s time at the video shoot, Kid Comz spoke candidly about his goals for 2012. One theme remained true throughout the conversation, he is ready to claim his spot.

At a time when the hip hop game has become mostly about thugging and partying, Kid Comz is one of the rare artists to have a message. In each of his songs, he is either discussing real-life situations, or he is telling the listener how hard he works for his dreams. This drive is what kept Kid Comz going in thirty degree weather.

The “Get Off” single has had a bit of success and with the release of the official music video, Kid Comz hopes to reach new heights. “Get Off’s” official music video will be released in the near future.

Ja Rule – “Black Vodka” album version

Despite being behind bars, Ja Rule continues to get the fans hyped for the release of Pain is Love 2. Those who have heard the album have given it positive reviews. The latest leak from the album is “Black Vodka,” likely the next single from the album.

Listen to “Black Vodka” by Ja Rule below:

French Montana talks Rick Ross and Diddy at “Shot Caller (remix)” video shoot with MTV

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Five years of hard work have paid off for French Montana. When he first began flooding the mixtape scene, there was a major cloud above the New York hip hop scene. Despite strong releases from 50 Cent and Fabolous, during this period of time, there were no major new artists emerging. French Montana was preparing his takeover even back then.

The Cocaine City CEO continued to release new mixtapes, gaining the attention and respect from veterans in the game. By 2009, French Montana had worked with Jadakiss, Akon, and other heavy-hitters and he was now looking for the next big move. Relatively silent in 2010, French Montana became one of the most-discussed names in 2011, releasing several hit records and causing a bidding war.

During the fall of 2011, French Montana released his “Shot Caller” single, which immediately took over the playlists of Hot 97 and Power 105.1. It seemed as if French Montana would cap this run of success by announcing a deal with Maybach Music. Instead, French Montana signed with Bad Boy Records and released the “Shot Caller (remix).”

MTV News has been spending time with French Montana since he signed with Bad Boy Records. The MTV cameras were present behind the scenes of the “Shot Caller (remix)” video. French Montana has proved his worth in the game, as Rick Ross attended the video shoot, to film his verse, even after he was turned down in favor of Bad Boy Records. Rick Ross is dedicated to his craft and French Montana said him working on his birthday inspires him to go ten times harder.

When asked about Diddy’s influence, French Montana said a remix is not a remix without Diddy. Saying Diddy adds the “extra spice” to the remix, French Montana said he does not try to take over, creatively.

Watch the entire video below:

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