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Virginia Beach woman, Latoya Jones, shares story of how she almost got kidnapped while walking her dog, not far from her home, with random woman making conversation, and a man walking up, grabbing her arm, and dog biting him, allowing her to leave [VIDEO]

By Bossyy Staff Writer Human trafficking is something that has gone on, forever, but has now become an epidemic. On a near-daily basis, there is a woman sharing a story of almost being kidnapped. Each story is scary and has given people a reason to be worried. Latoya Jones has one of

Cardi B shares herself taking a dump, on IG Live, after Ghana celebrities put her on blast for not showing up to meet and greet, and Cardi says her reason for doing so was being sick, sharing video as proof

By Bossyy Staff Writer No artist has ever had the journey that Cardi B has to rap stardom. Her beginnings are in the strip clubs and social media is where she became famous, for just speaking her mind. Being a viral sensation led to Cardi being cast on "Love & Hip