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Old Navy fires employee, Stephanie, who accused Black Woman (@waytoonice) of stealing a shirt she came into the store wearing, in viral video clip [VIDEO]

By Bossyy Staff Writer In Canada, there is a lot to celebrate, with the Toronto Raptors winning the championship, this week. Despite all the pleas from the city of Toronto for Kawhi Leonard to re-sign, racial tensions still exist. The irony is huge in this Canadian Old Navy location. The employee, Stephanie,

Nev Schulman Wants To Get Ariana Grande As Guest Host On Catfish After She Told Him How Much She Loves The Show [VIDEO]

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk Staff Writer Catfish's eighth season officially kicked off on MTV on June 12 after season seven concluded back in January. Co-host Max Joseph left the show last year to pursue other film opportunities and that left more room for possible guest co-hosts to join Max Schulman. Schulman said to

Drea Kelly, R. Kelly’s ex, gave dance lessons to Tammy Rivera and Deb Antney, where she twerked her natural booty, and shut down the internet #GUHHATL [VIDEO]

By Bossyy Staff Writer A few years ago, Drea Kelly was all the talk, when she was starring on the "R&B Divas" reality series. Despite that once being a huge franchise, it was cancelled, with no warning. The attention span of people is very short, so most have forgotten all about

Kawhi Leonard talks leading Raptors to NBA championship, but dismisses talk of re-signing, saying “I’ll think about that later” #NBAFinals [VIDEO]

By Jay Rich Staff Writer Life changed for Kawhi Leonard, at the hands of the Golden State Warriors. Their first Kevin Durant season saw them focused on avenging their 2016 Finals loss. But, Kawhi Leonard was a man on a mission, capable of stopping that. In 2017, Leonard led the Spurs on