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Hottie of the Week: Sparkle

By Lady Killa
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

When people think of Detroit, they think of the grind and hustle of the every day life. One thing people do not think of when thinking of Detroit is modeling. Sparkle is loooking to change this perception. A native of Detroit, Sparkle is quickly becoming one of the most popular ladies on the independent circuit.

Sparkle is currently modeling for the SODMG Goon$’ Lady Goon$. Over the past few years, the SODMG Goon$ have become one of the more popular rising crews in hip hop. With their expansion have come the addition of models. Sparkle is among the ladies chosen to represent the fairer side of the Goon$.

While she models for the Lady Goon$, Sparkle has goals outside of the hip hop industry. Sparkle dreams of one day making the jump from Detroit to Hollywood. She recently discussed these goals and much more with Hip Hop Vibe.

Read the entire interview below:

How did you get the name ‘Sparkle’? I got the name Sparkle from a photgrapher I worked with. He said whenever I get in front of the camera, I “Sparkle.”

What led you to the entertainment industry? Ever since I can remember, I’ve always had dreams of being a model. Ever since I seen my first runway show, I was hooked.

What was your first gig? My first gig was a photoshoot with a local Detroit photographer.

How did you link up with the Lady Goon$? DJ Tay came across my profile and everything else is history (laughs).

What does it feel like to be the face of the movement? It feels GREAT, I feel honored.

With the year closing, how do you feel about your 2011? I feel like slow process = GREAT Progress

Are there things you hope to improve upon in 2012? Yes, improve my career, you can never stop improving.

Do you see yourself becoming an actress in the future? Possibly.

If you were not modeling, what would you be doing? There is no “If I wasn’t modeling,” because there is no such thing as that!

What are some of your other interests? I like to help people, and I am also interested in getting into hosting shows.

Are there times when you feel pressured? Yes

Do you consider yourself to be high-maintenance? Yes

Growing up, were there any celebrities you admired? Yes, Tyra Banks.

How do you want your legacy to be remembered? I want to be remembered as a great person, a humble person who worked hard to get where I am at.

See additional photos of Sparkle below:


Hottie of the Week: Miss Fabulosity

By Lady Killa
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Each year, people tend to look back over the past twelve months and contemplate their successes and their failures. Many people find themselves disappointed with the stagnation in their lives and hope the New Year will bring them more success. With the year coming to a close, Miss Fabulosity is living the life many women dream of.

Miss Fabulosity lives in Rochester, New York and has been doing photoshoots and models for rising clothing line, BiPolar Couture. Through her work with the clothing line, Miss Fabulosity will be spending time in North Carolina in 2012. Those who are not close to the rising model would guess she has been modeling for years.

While many assume Miss Fabulosity is a veteran in the modeling game, she recently started her career, after prompting from family and friends. A few weeks ago, Hip Hop Vibe reached out to her for an interview and she kindly agreed to speak with us.

Read the entire interview below:

When did you decide to take modeling seriously? I started modeling this year.

Beforehand, how long did you consider modeling? I never really looked into modeling, or knew what it was about, until after hearing so many friends, family, and Facebook friends telling me I had to do it. So, I finally woke up one day and decided this was something I should look into.

Once you began modeling, who did you work with? My first shoot was with a local photographer, Hoyte Photography, which then led to me working with photographer, John Breedy, for an ad campaign with clothing designers of BiPolar Couture (NYC Fashion Week designer). Since then, I have worked with local artists and photographers, such as Petey Coleon, Chris Johnson, and L’z Da Don on music videos. Recently, I was been featured in HipHopStardom Magazine’s November issue.

Did this work lead to you getting consistent jobs? Yes.

When did your work begin to spread outside of your local area and into other markets? So far, I have worked with artists and photographers in NY but have been contacted for future and upcoming work in other states. Coming up first is a fashion show in North Carolina for clothing designer, BiPolar Couture.

Have you had the opportunity to work in other places where your fan base is large? New York is my largest fan base and where most of my work has been done.

How are you handling your popularity? I love it! I’ve been used to it for a while now, but I am humble about it. Very thankful to have a great friends and supporters behind me!

Can you tell us about your work with BiPolar Couture? I started out doing an ad campaign/press release for designers, Aqueelah Abdullah and Sharelle Campbell, for a magazine article featuring their line and clothes, as well as their line’s press photo at NYC Fashion Week 2011. Since then, I am now currently working as a BiPolar Couture Model and looking forward to the up and coming Mode Noir Fashion Week in North Carolina.

Will you soon be doing photoshoot for other brands? As of now, they are my only one, but I am definently interested in working with other clothing lines as well.

Do you see yourself possibly entering the arena of acting in the future? I have worked in theatre a little bit, growing up. It is not my main focus, but it is something that I still have a little interest for. But, modeling and music videos are more my style.

How do you intend to close out 2011 and do you consider the year a success or a failure? I do consider myself as having a very successful year, seeing as I just started in March and I have already accomplished this much in so little time. I am greatful for it and hope to end this year with a few more video shoots, as well as a couple business ventures I am working on. Hopefully, within this next year you will see Christina De La Hoya on your tv!

Before you end your career, what is one thing you want to be known for? A SUCCESSFULl “Multi-Racial” model, who made it to the top and out of the city of Rochester by pushing through everything and anything instead of taking the easy road to the top.

See additional photos of Miss Fabulosity below:

Hottie of the Week: Sparrow

By Lady Killa
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Life is too short to not pursue your dreams. If one person realizes this, Sparrow does. She has not been modeling terribly long, but she has been making major moves. While she enjoys being at home, Sparrow also loves traveling the world.

Sparrow is also honest about her ambitions. Yes, she does love modeling, but she is looking forward to the payoff. The goal of most people in the entertainment industry is to eventually become rich from their craft. Sparrow is no different, she is simply honest enough to admit it.

There are very few people with the ambition and the drive of Sparrow, who models for Servin’ These Streeets. Being a rising brand, within herself, and working with a rising brand has helped Sparrow become a well-known figure in select areas. While the local stardom is nice, Sparrow is hoping for international fame, wating to grace pages in several magazines. At the rate she is going, she will soon be featured on several print magazines.

Read the entire interview with Sparrow below:

What attracted you to modeling? The money that could be made attracted me to modeling.

Do you draw inspiration from famous models? I learn lessons and techniques from the top models in the game right now, but I’m inspired by all ethnic models who are working!

When did you link up with Servin’ These Streets? I’ve been with Servin’ These Streets for two years now, since 2009 until! I love the STS team.

How many events have you been a part of? Since I started modeling, in 2009, I’ve done over 20 events and parties.

Where has your work shown up at? I’m a rookie to the game. I haven’t been in any major printwork, however I am looking forward to gracing all the publications out there.

What do you see for yourself in the future? I see myself financially stable. I refuse to die trying to get rich so I see myself RICH, happy, and healthy God willing!

Has your modeling allowed you to meet any celebrities yet? Yes, I have met a handful of celebs.

What do you enjoy doing outside of modeling? Outside of modeling, I am a homebody. I enjoy being naked, watching good ganster movies, fine wine and candles.

Do you have a favorite place you like to visit? My favorite place in the world is Morocco I LOVE GOING THERE!!

See additional photos of Sparrow below:

Hottie of the Week: EyeCandi

By Lady Killa
Hip Hio Vibe Staff Writer

Being in the spotlight is something EyeCandi is used to. The Raleigh native is used to working the hip hop’s elite. When she is not in the spotlight, EyeCandi is raising her two children. The jet-setting lifestyle is something EyeCandi did not envision, but it is something she has grown to love.

Growing up, many people often told EyeCandi she should model, so she took advantage. Due to the market, working hand-in-hand with hip hop came with the territory. EyeCandi has used this to her advantage, also becoming a promoter, of sorts. Many people know her face, as she has hosted countless events.

EyeCandi’s face is one the world will be seeing more of, as she continues to make major moves. She has appeared in a number of music videos and she has also been nominated for an award. The overall goal EyeCandi has in mind is to eventually run her own business. EyeCandi definitely has the connections to easily create a business in entertainment.

Recently, EyeCandi agreed to an interview with Hip Hop Vibe.

Read the entire interview below:

Can you explain what a day in your life is like? Wow. (Laughs). A day in my life is hectic, I have two children, so mommy duties a 9-5 and then come home to mommy duties and grinding for my modeling. It’s a crazy schedule, but I am not complaining because I see the bigger picture.

Did you see this type of lifestyle in your future? No. I never would have imagined that my life would be taking this direction but I’m loving it.

What led you to doing modeling? I was always told I should model, so the opportunity presented itself and it went from there.

Are you hoping to become an actress one day? Ummmm. I am thinking about it, but we will see.

How many events have you hosted? (Laughs). Umm, I have actually lost count, but still counting. Thank God.

What was your favorite photoshoot? My favorite, I would have to say. Ummm ,I don’t know I love all of my shoots so far.

Where is your favorite location to work? I love to work outside versus a studio. Working outside is more real to me.

Do you enjoy being in music videos? I love being in music videos. I always have a lot of fun. 

What did it feel like, when you were nominated for a Carolina Music Award? It felt great, like another accomplishment under the belt, even though I didn’t win, it’s all good.

In the near future, what do you see for yourself? Being a businesswoman, running my own business.

See additional pictures of EyeCandi below:

















Hottie of the Week: Wendy Chaney

div class=”separator” style=”clear: both; text-align: center;”a href=”” imageanchor=”1″ style=”clear: left; cssfloat: left; float: left; margin-bottom: 1em; margin-right: 1em;”img border=”0″ height=”320″ kca=”true” src=”” width=”212″ //a/divstrongBy Lady Killa/strongbr /strongHip Hop Vibe Staff Writer/strongbr /br /Growing up, Wendy Chaney knew she was going to become a model, as her family always encouraged her. Wendy said she has always had the “model mentality.” Having the background in modeling, Wendy is trying to take things to the next /br /Wendy Chaney currently works with Atlanta-based Suga Cane Entertainment, so she is at many Atlanta events. At these events, Wendy is hoping to become known with the patrons. So far, she has done well with the /br /Despite having such a busy schedule, Wendy found the time to discuss her career, and her future plans, with Hip Hop /br /strongRead the entire interview below:/strongbr /br /strongIs modeling something you always wanted to do or something you just ended up doing?/strongbr /Well, modeling was something that I always wanted to do. Growing up my family use to tell me “Wendy do ur model walk” and I use to walk around the house like a little diva hands on the hips getting my signature walk right lol. Its in my blood you can say. br /br /strongIn the future, do you also want to do some acting?/strongbr /Most definitely,nbsp;I can see myself doin a little something something. When I was sin the 8th grade,nbsp;I tried out for a performance arts school for dance and acting and I got in for acting but at the end decided I didn’t want to go to the school. So if it comes around im open to /br /strongWhere is your favorite place to do work?/strongbr /Where ever im going to /br /strongHow long have you been working with Suga Cane Entertainment?/strongbr /I have been with SCE from the start June of 2011. Ashley came to me one day and was letting me know of a company she started and she said she needed models that were hungry and ready to work. (She asked the right one, I was born ready).br /br /strongHave you been featured in any videos?/strongbr /I have been a couple videos (waiting for the big one with Chris Brown)br /br /strongWhat has been the most-exciting part of your career, so far?/strongbr /Meeting new people, we get to interact and network with a lot of people. Also getting my name out there; doing something that lov and enjoy is a blessing because its not a job to me its one of my passions. br /br /strongHow do you deal with all the stress that comes along with this lifestyle?/strongbr /Really there is no stress AT THE MOMENT. I think I’m doing pretty good right now, juggling everything else that I have going on. I try my best to stay organized and just plan things out ahead of time (I HATE LAST MINUTE STUFF). But, once things starts getting a little more hectic, then I say its time to hire a personal assistant. br /br /strongOutside of modeling, what is your favorite activity?/strongbr /Hmmmm my favorite activity, I don’t think I have one, I like to get into everything when I can. TIME is important to me. you can never take it back so spending time with my loved ones is what you would find me doing outside of /br /strongIf you were not modeling, what would you be doing?/strongbr /This a good question. If I was not modeling I would STILL DOING MAKEUP (yes I’m a MUA also) or I would be a nurse. I know your thinking like modeling nursingnbsp;MUA, those are my passions. I love it. Modeling, because I get to express myself in so many ways and some and b a DIVA lol MUA, I love the art of it and making people look and feel beautiful. And nurse, I like helping and taking care of people (that’s why one day I’m going to make a wonderful wife).br /br /strongSee additional photos of Wendy Chaney below:/strongbr /div class=”separator” style=”clear: both; text-align: center;”a href=”” imageanchor=”1″ style=”clear: left; cssfloat: left; float: left; margin-bottom: 1em; margin-right: 1em;”img border=”0″ height=”265″ kca=”true” src=”” width=”400″ //a/divdiv class=”blogger-post-footer”div class=”separator” style=”clear: both; text-align: center;”
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Hottie of the Week: Ashley Salazar

By Lady Killa
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Much more than a pretty face, Ashley Salazar has big things planned. Aside from her modeling and acting career, Salazar owns her own photography company.

Ashley Salazar has had a unique background, as she spent time in the armed forces. It is rare to find a model with such a background. Ashley feels this, and her being a mother, is what separates her from many other models.

Currently based in St. Louis, Ashley Salazar has been featured in various projects. Her work has appeared in television commercials and magazines, among other products.

Despite being on billboards, doing runways, and being in movies, Ashley Salazar a mother and a fighter. She is also an amateur MMA fighter.

Recently, Ashley Salazar celebrated the one-year anniversary of her website, Ashley Salazar talked about this and a number of other topics with Hip Hop Vibe.

Read the entire interview below:

How long have you been modeling? When I was younger, I did a few test shoots, but I didn’t really start part time/full time modeling until 2007.

When did you first appear in television commercials? My first big job that I landed was back in 2007 with Toni’s International Models, one of my modeling agencies here from St. Louis. It was a television commercial for Rent N Roll.

Did modeling lead you to start your own photography company? Yes, modeling did lead to me starting photography. At the time, I was working as a talent agent for Toni’s and was in charge of the reconstruction of the high fashion board. I had all these great models coming to me that I saw real potential talent in. Many either didn’t have the funds for expensive photo shoots or had low quality images, so I couldn’t book them with as an agent.

One day, I just asked my fiancee, who had been shooting professionally for ten years, if I could shoot some of my models and have him set me up on the basics and let me run wild. Well, nevertheless to say, at the end of that day he looked at the images with me and told me that I had the eye and not to stop, so I never put the camera down and now I love it just as much as being in front of the camera myself.

Have you had many clients for the photography company? Yes, I have worked with a wide range of clients since I first started shooting out of the living room wall in my house to onto now my second photography studio at the Historical Lemp Brewery. My clients have been everything from families, models, corporations, magazines, many musicians, and more. My studio name is New Karma Studios, big lover of Karma.

You say your goal is to become a Playboy playmate, can you tell us more about that? I have been trying to become apart of the Playboy family for about two and half years now. I’ve submitted to them online a few times and they have also contacted me on their own, but nothing ever came from it, besides many back-and-forth emails and phone calls.

In December 2010 I competed in Playboy‘s Miss Social and placed fourth in the finals. I then competed again and made it as a finalist in June in hopes of winning the title during my birthday month, but I didn’t win. I’ve supported many girls who have ran in the competition, and personally even helped a few of them win their titles by devoting many hours to promoting them.

Recently, I also did charity work with Playboy as a Playboy Girl of Golf in the Los Angeles tournament. The reason I went to LA, about a month ago, in the first place was to set up a test shoot with contributing Playboy photographer, Josh Ryan, at my own expense. Being from St. Louis, there is no Playboy here, nor any photographers whom have an established – liaison relationship with them. Because of this, it’s been very hard to be noticed by Playboy even to be a regular Playboy model, not just a Playmate.

To point blank answer “Why do I want to be a Playmate,” well why not?!

I’m a mom and its ten times harder for us in the modeling industry, it seems, or at least from my experiences. I know I have what it takes to be a Playmate, I’m sexy, classy, full of amazing curves plus I have the brains, savvy, and support of my friends, family and fans behind me. I know I have what it takes to be in Playboy and represent the brand well. Honestly, I personally think they should start their own Special Editions that just features moms, the market for it is surely there.

It sadness me so much, nowadays, when all I see is the mass majority of women in Playboy who aren’t moms, yet they claim to have the most beautiful women in the world. To me the most beautiful thing in this world is the creation of life and being able to create life, so when did all of a sudden moms become not so beautiful? If you do the research and look up how many Playmates were mothers at the time of their publication, the list is small, tiny in fact. I want to become a Playmate more then anything to break that stigma not only for myself, but for all the American hard working model moms out there. Lastly, my desire to work with emPlayboy/em doesn’t end at being a Playmate, I want to produce and shoot the Playmates myself one day.

Can you tell us about your time in the military? Oh ,wow, where to start, six years of service is hard to cram into just a few sentences. Well, when I was in the Air Force, I earned two national Radiology Registries as a Radiology Technologist and Mammography Technologist. I also performed over 800 military special ceremonies and funeral services while being a team member for Keesler AFB and a team flight leader for Scott AFB. In addition to all this, I served as a Security Forces Officer, Base CPR Instructor, coached Volleyball for the Scott AFB Medical Squadron, and was a goalie for the Kessler AFB base Soccer team.

In 2005, I went through Hurricane Katrina and remained on duty at Kessler AFB, and after losing my home I was relocated to Scott AFB and then was honorably discharged in 2008. Lastly, during my service, I was recognized for many medals, awards, such as BTZ, Diagnostic Imaging, Airman of the Year (AMC), Humanitarian medal, and Achievement Medal.

Following your service, you moved to St. Louis? I was relocated here after I lost my home in 2005. I chose to remain in the area for school and because I had extended family members in the area.

How do you like St. Louis? It’s alright, I have some great friends here that are everything to me, but in general this city seems to not like me much. It’s not my hometown (Chicago is) , I’ve experienced times where I sit and wonder why do I try to hard to support the talent here and make more relationships with people who don’t appreciate what I can bring to the table. Overall, the city itself is very historic and has some amazing places to shoot at, but California keeps calling my name.

Do you think it is a good place for you to build your career? Well, of course, if you can’t make it in your own town I don’t see how you can make it anywhere these days.

How do you compare St. Louis to places like Miami, New York, and Chicago? Well I’ve never been to the first two, but I have been to other big cities, like Dallas and Los Angeles. Our market here is existent, but it will only stay that way or grow bigger if the talent in our city wants it to and starts helping each other out more. This is what I have been trying to do for the past year and half now with my digital entertainment website,

What magazines have you been featured in? Model Maze Magazine (Cover), Fighters Only Magazine, Full Throttle, Midwest Magazine, Alive Magazine, Stunner Baby Magazine (Cover), Macho Rhino Online Mens Magazine, WWE Magazine, Co-Existence Magazine (Cover), Kamboom Magazine, COED Magazine (Miss COED of the Day), Super Models Magazine (Cover), Miss Ooh La Laa Magazine, honestly there has been many digital write up’s about me, sometimes I don’t even know about them until I Google my name. Those are the ones that have meant the most to me so far.

Have you starred in any TV projects, high or low profile? Yes, I have my first independent film in which I play Sarah, as the lead female role, which will be released soon, viewers can check out the film at: and I have worked as a Strikeforce Ring Girl which appeared on Showtime. My Rent & Roll commercial and a few other projects as well.

How do you juggle your busy career and being a mother? I just do, my daughter knows and see’s how hard I work everyday to make opportunities possible for us. I make her watch me when I photo shop images sometimes of models because I don’t want her growing up thinking that women look like they all do in the magazines. I also talk to her about most everything that a child her age can understand so she knows why mommy has to go on trips to places like LA and other areas I go for work. She calls herself little Miss Ooh La Laa and one day I hope that I can build this empire up for her and hand it over if she wants to run it or at least give her more than what I had growing up.

Who, or what, has served as your inspiration? My daughter, fiancee, my muse(s) Tara and (R.I.P. Mason P. Cummins), my best friends, my family who I actually still talk to (I come from a very broken home), my fans who never stop believing in me and smack me back into reality when I second guess myself and, actually, my haters, because they make me grind harder and force me to learn new ways of connecting to my fan base which they try to destroy on a daily basis, it seems like.

A few other key individuals as an artist Pink, Marilyn Manson, Marilyn Monroe, Lady Gaga, Esther Lin, Mick Gleissner, Kingston O’Nasty, Hugh Hefner, RuPaul, Annie Leibovitz, Dorothea Lange, Demi Moore, Selena, Jennifer Lopez, Arny Freytag, Sally Mann, Jill Greenberg, and Cindy Sherman just to name a few.

I want to say thank you for the opportunity to be featured within your magazine and thank you to all my supporters for without you all I am nothing.

Check out additional photos of Ashley Salazar below:

Hottie of the Week: Letitia

By Lady Killa
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Much like many others in the modeling industry, Letitia one day hopes to become an actress. She ended up modeling because of her history with beauty pageants. With the two fields so close, it was only a matter of time before Letitia ended up modeling.

In order to actively pursue modeling, Letitia joined Suga Cane Ent. and has been getting a few gigs. Now, active in the Atlanta nightlife, she has worked at a number of clubs. Esso is among Letitia’s favorite places to work.

Letitia recently discussed her career, and her future, with the modeling industry with Hip Hop Vibe.

Read the entire interview below:

Is modeling something you always wanted to do or something you just ended up doing? No, modeling isn’t something I always wanted to do, only because I’m a pageant girl. I was in the All-American Miss Mississippi Teen Pageant in 2005. I have so much more going for myself than just modeling.

In the future, do you also want to do some acting? I also love to act, I would love to get jobs dealing with acting, but it’s coming soon for me.

Where is your favorite place to do work? My favorite place to do work would be, hands down, Esso.

How long have you been working with Suga Cane Entertainment? I have not been with Suga Cane too long.

Have you been featured in any videos? Not yet, but I would love to in the near future.

What has been the most-exciting part of your career, so far? Well, there has not been anything too exciting, or should I say nothing I was not already used to.

How do you deal with all the stress that comes along with this lifestyle? It is really no stress at all, only dealing with making the type of money you would like to make.

Outside of modeling, what is your favorite activity? Singing, shopping, playing softball with the Hurricanes, working on my website for my boutique, and trying to finish up writing my book, Reflections of Tia.

If you were not modeling, what would you be doing? If I wasn’t modeling right now, I would be traveling around the world with my lover.

See more photos of Letitia below:

Hottie of the Week: Ms. Hoover

div class=”separator” style=”clear: both; text-align: center;”a href=”” imageanchor=”1″ style=”clear: left; cssfloat: left; float: left; margin-bottom: 1em; margin-right: 1em;”img border=”0″ height=”400″ rba=”true” src=”” width=”177″ //a/divstrongBy Lady Killa/strongbr /strongHip Hop Vibe Staff Writer/strongbr /br /While she is relatively new to the modeling scene, Ms. Hoover is getting her name built in a timely fashion. Last year, Ms. Hoover was even signed to a contract. Ms. Hoover serves as the first model signed to First Amendment Entertainment. Already, she is making big /br /Among the projects she has going is a book about modeling. Despite being fairly new to the game, Ms. Hoover has plenty of big moves going. With her future very bright, Ms. Hoover is currently weighing her options. In the next few months, people will be seeing much more of /br /For a little over a week, Ms. Hoover and Hip Hop Vibe have been communicating. Recently, she sat down for an exclusive /br /strongRead the entire interview below:/strongbr /br /strongWhat type of modeling gigs have you had so far?/strongbr /I’m new to the modeling field, but I have a modeling book for /br /strongHow long have you been modeling?/strong br /I have been trying to get my career off since 2010 with First Admendment /nbsp; br /strongWhen did you first land modeling gigs?/strong br /I have always wanted to model and I recently landed some /br /strongDo you find it difficult to juggle all your projects?/strongbr /No, I don’t find it difficult to juggle my projects at /br /strongWhere is your favorite place to travel?/strongbr /I haven’t had the chance to travel yet, but I would like to go to /br /strongWhat is your favorite part about modeling?/strong br /My favorite part about modeling is dressing up in different styles and taking pictures. br /nbsp; br /strongHave you had the chance to meet any interesting people?/strong br /While I haven’t had the chance to meet many people yet, I sure hope to in the near future. br /nbsp; br /strongWhat do you see in your future?/strong br /I plan on furthering my modeling career and currently I am in cosmetology school so that I will always be to work within the modeling field.div class=”blogger-post-footer”div class=”separator” style=”clear: both; text-align: center;”
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Hottie of the Week: Britney

div class=”separator” style=”clear: both; text-align: center;”a href=”” imageanchor=”1″ style=”clear: left; cssfloat: left; float: left; margin-bottom: 1em; margin-right: 1em;”img border=”0″ height=”320″ nba=”true” src=”” width=”249″ //a/divstrongBy Lady Killa/strongbr /strongHip Hop Vibe Staff Writer/strongbr /br /Despite being a new company, Suga Cane Entertainment has been making moves. The company is steadily signing more talent and landing more events. Because of this, more models are flocking to the /br /For a little over a month, Britney has been signed to the Suga Cane Entertainment company. Despite not being their incredibly long, she has already been booked for several jobs. Britney is confident in the growth of the company, as it has already /br /Britney discussed a bit of her background and her time with the company in an exclusive interview with Hip Hop /br /strongRead the entire interview below:/strongbr /br /strongWhen did you link up with Suga Cane Entertainment?/strongbr /About a month /br /strongExplain your experience with the company so far./strongbr /It’s been great. Even though Suga Cant Entertainment is a new company, Ive already gotten a few cool jobs. It’s a great way for me to gain more exposure so Im loving it. There will be a lot of upcoming gigs for all of the Suga Cane models. Soon everyone will know about /br /strongFor the most part, how have things gone for you?/strongbr /Really good, the company is still growing and so am I. It’ll only get better from /br /strongDo you ever fall victim to being star struck?/strongbr /Never, I’ve been meeting celebrities for as long as I can remember so it’s nothing! I view celebrities as just another person who just happens to be in the spotlight. Money or not, you will always just be a person. That’s just how you have to look at /br /strongHow do you separate professional from personal?/strongbr /Work is work. I’m about business, nothing more nothing less. Whenever I go on a job, its always professional. I never let the fact that I’m around a certain celebrity or working with a certain company get to my head. That’s the quickest way to get caught up in this business. Modeling is a job, it’s not my /br /strongWhen did you first begin modeling?/strongbr /Just recently. Ive been an aspiring actress for aboutnbsp;eight years, so modeling just kind of fell into place. Atlanta is the perfect place for it. Since I love the Atlanta nightlife, meeting new people, and getting paid, why not model?br /br /strongDo you feel as if you are born to entertain?/strongbr /Yes. All my life I’ve been entertaining whether it was singing, acting, or dancing. Now modeling! I do it all. br /br /strongDoes working in the nightlife make you dislike it on a personal level?/strongbr /I will never dislike it, but too much of it can be a little overwhelming. Now that I model, I dont party as much on my own time. I get enough of it from work, but whenever I do go out its always a good time. br /br /strongHas your work for a few of the Atlanta clubs turned you into a local celebrity?/strongbr /Not yet. I have a lot more work to do and a lot more exposure and respect to gain in this industry. It will come one day though. It doesn’t come overnight which is what a lot of aspiring models expect. It’s a lot of work to be put in, and you have to start small before you can be big. br /br /strongView additional photos of Britney below:/strongbr /div class=”separator” style=”clear: both; text-align: center;”a href=”” imageanchor=”1″ style=”clear: left; cssfloat: left; float: left; margin-bottom: 1em; margin-right: 1em;”img border=”0″ height=”320″ nba=”true” src=”” width=”168″ //aa href=”” imageanchor=”1″ style=”margin-left: 1em; margin-right: 1em;”img border=”0″ height=”320″ nba=”true” src=”” width=”212″ //a/divdiv class=”blogger-post-footer”div class=”separator” style=”clear: both; text-align: center;”
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Hottie of the Week: Baybiie

div class=”separator” style=”clear: both; text-align: center;”a href=”” imageanchor=”1″ style=”clear: left; cssfloat: left; float: left; margin-bottom: 1em; margin-right: 1em;”img border=”0″ height=”320″ src=”” width=”208″ xaa=”true” //a/divstrongBy Lady Killa/strongbr /strongHip Hop Vibe Staff Writer/strongbr /br /One of the brightest new faces in the entertainment industry is Baybiie. She is among the most talented young women in the entertainment industry and she has veteran experience. Ever since she was a little girl, she has been doing ballet. Her passion for ballet led her into other forms of /br /Among her many different talents is modeling. Baybiie has done shows all around the country. In addition to her shows, she has also brushed shoulders with many heavy hitters in the game. Despite her success, she remains focused on the overall goal. The rising talent has been signed to First Amendment Entertainment and is working /br /Recently, Hip Hop Vibe reached out to Baybiie for an exclusive interview. br /br /strongRead the entire interview below:/strongbr /br /strongBecause you are a multi-talent, do you find it easier to land gigs?/strongbr /Now it is. Before it was a lil difficult until I started getting some fan /br /strongHow did you link up with First Amendment Entertainment?/strongbr /Oliva she came to the club I was performing at 1 night and was tracked me down (laughs).br /br /strongCan you tell us a little bit about your history as a ballerina?/strongbr /Ballet is my foudation as a dancer. I wasnbsp;three when, I say, a picture of my first ballerina on pointe. I said to my grandmother, “Granny, I wanna do that!” She put me in classes and I fell in /br /strongHas living in Charlottle helped your career advance forward?/strong br /Yes and no. Because Inbsp;am living in Charlotte I was able to start a fan base and learn new thing to advance into the best artist I can be. But, at the same time, my carrer would have taken off sooner if I were in a bigger /br /strongHow do you feel about being in the entertainment industry?/strong br /I love being an entertainer. I love to knowing that my performaces speak to people open them up to new things and make them /br /strongDo you feel as though you have a passion for what you do?/strong br /Yes, my passion is what inspires me to push forward,nbsp;tonbsp;try new things, and to express myself to the fullest. My heart goes into every move I make. br /br /strongBeing so talented, how do you stop the praise from going to your head?/strong br /For the most part, I pay it no mind because I’m doing something I love to do. Also. I remember there are so many dancers out there that are just as good, if not better. Last, I’m nothing without my fan base they give me postive feedback that helps feed my /br /strongCan you talk about your time as an exocitic dancer?/strong br /My time as an exocitic dancer was and is a learning and growing experience. It forcde me to find myself. as a person and grown /br /strongHow has that experience helped to mold your career?/strong br /Most of my fan base was gained frm working as and Exocitic dancer. Most of my pole skills were developed during the two years. It also helped with my tech and connect better with my /br /strongGoing forward, what projects are you working on?/strong br /Well, I will benbsp;doing a battle Labor Day week for Atlanta Pride 2011. Aside from Atlanta Pride, I will also be at All-Star Weekend 2012, LA Pride 2012, NYC Pride 2012, just to name a few…br /br /strongHow successful do you see yourself being in the long-term?/strong br /Very. I intend to climb to the top choerographing music videos, movies,nbsp;and concerts. I also,nbsp;one day like to open a dance studio.div class=”blogger-post-footer”div class=”separator” style=”clear: both; text-align: center;”
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