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Apple Watts Doesn’t Think She Has a Drinking Problem But Does Agree to “Drinking A Lot”

Season five introduced stripper-turned-rapper Apple Watts. Instantly, the California-born firecracker was a fan favorite. With her take-no-mess, say-what-she-wants personality, Apple made a name for herself that won't ever be forgotten. From bursting out in twerking fits to yelling matches, she's certainly not one to back down from any situation. Be it in

Nick Cannon says Eminem’s driver has a video of him giving oral to another man in scathing diss track, “The Invitation,” featuring Suge Knight #WildNOut [AUDIO]

By Jay Rich Staff Writer Because of his history as a child star, kid actor, and TV host, Nick Cannon isn't taken seriously, as a rapper. Then, the music he put out, wasn't considered the most lyrical. When Nick Cannon got dissed by Eminem, back in 2009, many took it as