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Don’t look now, but Cleveland rapper, Q Money, may just be the next major breakout rapper, as he drops his “Neva Had Sh*t” video dropped and was played at the Cavs’ game, last night

By Chox-Mak Staff Writer Much credit and many props go out to all of the up-and-coming rappers, out here getting it done. There are too many of those guys to count, who are getting over 100,000 streams for each of their releases. Any of these guys, AND LADIES, could easily be

The Blue-Haired Songstress Is Back With Another Bangin’ Single

Imani Scott Throwing Glitter

Blue Hair. Incredible Voice. Imani Scott For The Win! Imani Scott is known for her electrified blue hair, and her intoxicating single "Get Litty". Now, she's back with a new record titled, "Throwing Glitter". Scott worked with the incomparable producer Chill Vibes who has made a few hits for Beyoncè, so you

Ricardo Parker’s New Record “Dope Boy Fresh” May Have A Different Meaning Than What You Think

Ricardo Parker Dope Boy Fresh

Dope Boy Fresh? When you hear a song titled, "Dope Boy Fresh", what comes to mind? Maybe a guy who sells "dope" and wears fly clothes. If we're close you couldn't be more wrong. Houston native, Ricardo Parker, created this song to make the listener feel good about themselves. The producer, Mike Maserati, went beast


Flawless Real Talk Against It All

Rhode Island Native Flawless Is Talented Flawless Real Talk released an EP titled "Against It All", and it is jam packed with bangers! The seven-track EP is raw, inspiring and a testament to how determined Flawless is to create amazing music for his fans. Along with the new EP, Flawless has released the visual for