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HHV Video of the Week: Wiz Khalifa ft. Lil Skies – “Fr Fr”

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk Staff Writer It's been a while since Wiz Khalifa released an official album, making 2018 his official return to the game. But, not releasing albums hasn't stopped Wiz from dropping a hit every year. Crazy enough, it's been eight years since he first broke through. Wiz Khalifa is dealing

HHV Video of the Week: Nicki Minaj – “Barbie Dreams”

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk Staff Writer Following four years off, Nicki Minaj returned in a big way, with QUEEN, her comeback album. The project didn't spark much controversy, but her Queen Radio did. All of that helped spark that drama with Cardi B, which is a real situation. Nicki Minaj, though, has had a

Legendary adult superstar, Heather Hunter, is a multi-talented personality

“I Knew What I Wanted to Do and Made it Happen.” As an adult super star, gorgeous Heather Hunter was known for her long, lustrous curly hair and sensual performances.  She was and is, however, a multi-talented woman who started her career as a dancer on the TV show Soul Train.

HHV Artists To Know: Top Russian Female Hip Hop Artists

By M.A.C. Staff Writer In the harsh world of hip-hop, women mostly become pretty but optional additions to music videos. One can find logic in that – gorgeous chicks can really boost the video’s popularity. But sometimes, girls try out typical male activities and show that they’re no less capable than

HHV Video of the Week: Travis Scott – “Stop Trying To Be God”

By YRS Jerzy Staff Writer Fresh off the release of Astroworld, Travis Scott is riding high. The popular Houston rapper has been experiencing tons of success, over the past two years. Last year, Travis Scott began dating Kylie Jenner and, this year, she had his child. Plenty of Tyga jokes have ensued, but

YRS Jerzy’s Wednesday Throwback: 50 Cent ft. Snoop Dogg and G-Unit (Lloyd Banks and Young Buck) – “P.I.M.P.”

By YRS Jerzy Staff Writer Most younger fans know 50 Cent best for playing Kanan on "Power" and for his social media jokes. But, nobody was as hot as 50 Cent, when he first came in the game. The G-Unit leader broke the record for hip hop record sales, with his

HHV Video of the Week: Drake – “In My Feelings”

By YRS Jerzy Staff Writer This year, Drake has proven just how big of a star he is. Not only is he the biggest rapper in the game, he's the biggest rapper of this whole decade. The Toronto rapper is no longer with Cash Money Records, so he's likely to join

HHV Video of the Week: 6ix9ine ft. Nicki Minaj – “FEFE”

By YRS Jerzy Staff Writer This collaboration has people scratching their heads, but this song isn't half bad. But, because of how 6ix9ine has portrayed himself, there are some people who'll never accept him. Then, Nicki Minaj is being counted out, mainly because Cardi B is hot, right now. All of that