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Chrissy Teigen is being dragged for the filth, called “the most annoying person on Twitter,” after she posted the Kim K woods GIF, commenting on Rhymefest, with people telling her to mind her own business about black Chicago youth, blasting her for defending something she knows nothing about #Kimye

By Ricki Says Staff Writer The above photo is the reason Chrissy Teigen is being targeted, right now, on Twitter. Last night, Kim Kardashian lit into Rhymefest, over his comments about Kanye West. Because of her controversial lifestyle, people jumped all over Kim for commenting on the situation. As a wife, Kim

Kim and Kanye get trashed by Twitter after Kim Kardashian went in on Rhymefest for what he said about Kanye West, and fans side with #Rhymefest, saying Kim “doesn’t give a F about black people,” calling them “trash” and “narcissists,” and accusing them of only caring about money

By Ricki Says Staff Writer It started out as a beef with Drake and Pusha T, but it has evolved into a beef with Rhymefest, Kim Kardashian, and the city of Chicago. The people have firmly sided with Rhymefest. In the early days, Rhymefest was one of the closest people to

MariahLynn blasts YouTube for removing her #ChunLi freestyle, saying a lot of people “closing the doors” on her #LHHNY [PHOTO]

By Chox-Mak Staff Writer There's a lot of irony, with this one, as MariahLynn thought she had one, with her "Chun Lynn" freestyle. She flipped Nicki Minaj's "Chun-Li," which is Nic's best single in years. Lyrically, Nicki Minaj stepped up, and she has a real heater, on her hands. Nothing Nicki Minaj

Harrison Barnes? LMAO… Twitter is calling Kevin Durant “Harrison Barnes without a hairbrush,” because of his Game 6 play, and one person even said Barnes is “rolling in his grave” #WarriorsRockets

By G Moniy HHV Sports Staff Writer Come on, now, y'all know good and well Harrison Barnes plays for the Dallas Mavericks, just for starters. But, at the same time, everybody knows Twitter doesn't have any chill. Yeah, Harrison Barnes is trending, and this is so cruel. It's Harrison Barnes' name, but Kevin