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Denny’s manager tried to kick three black women out of the restaurant, after they complained about racial slurs

By Bossyy Staff Writer

A birthday celebration went wrong, back in October 2018. These two women are two of three women who found themselves harassed at a local Michigan Denny’s, outside of Lansing. At Delta Township, the ladies were celebrating the birthday of one of the women, turned 27.

Going to a Denny’s, the ladies were sitting in a corner, when a biker group came in. Immediately, a man in the group began making racial slurs, which the ladies said they ignored. After he persisted, and then told the waitress to get them t-bones, they complained.

Asking the store’s manager to move them, or ask them to leave, the manager told them it was freedom of speech. Saying they tried to complain out of earshot of the bikers, the ladies said the manager walked back to their table, talking loud enough for them to hear. This sparked a confrontation that got violent.

In an odd turn of events, the Denny’s manager asked the ladies to leave, once they rightfully got angry with him. A situation now bigger than racial slurs, the women stood their ground, refusing to leave, after the manager declined them taking their meal to go, he called the police. The ladies called the police as soon as he did, leading to one of the female bikers landing a punch on one of the ladies, along with a racial slur.

Denny’s lackluster response to this situation continued, until the media got involved, and now things are being sorted out. The company said they are family friendly and want to be welcoming to all who come, assuring them all the same protections.

Watch the entire news clip below:

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