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Construction Worker Tells Busta Rhymes He’s A “F*ggot” And That He’ll “F*ck Him Up” During Heated Confrontation In NYC [VIDEO]

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk Staff Writer

Busta Rhymes was in a very awkward moment in his hometown of NYC early Wednesday at 5AM. A construction worker came up to him trying to have a conversation and things turned bad in a hurry as the man called Busta a f*ggot, per TMZ.

Several other construction workers were surrounding the two while everything was going down. In addition to that slur, the man told Busta that he’ll f*ck him up. Busta ended up throwing a punch but missed. Throughout the confrontation, he kept his cool perfectly up to that point.

Police told TMZ that one of the construction workers filed a harassment report that night as well. Check out footage of the incident below.

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