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Music Video Production Studio In Miami, Florida

What goes better with a well-produced song than an even better filmed music video? You can’t deny that sometimes the aesthetic can really bring a song to life. So, are you planning to film your next music video in beautiful Miami, Florida? Well, if you’re not from the region or if you’re having a hard time picking out a studio, stop for a second, take a breather, and read this article.


  • Regulus Films


Among their color grading, TV promotion, and behind the scenes services, the studio offers several high-quality music video production packages. From studio rentals to specialized lighting, they have a range of customizable packages; you can design a package with them to work around your budget. In general, you have the option to choose from Regulus’ several light setups or bring your own. However, when working with them, you’d be getting programmable lighting to suit the studio layout. Moreover, if you’re in need of any other equipment; cameras, rigs and such, you can simply rent from them. Also, a bonus feature that we’ve found is that they accept payment in cryptocurrency which is quite unusual for studios.


  • SoFlo Studios


While they mainly specialize in renting out film studios and locations, they are more than equipped to handle music videos. The most basic studio is usually fitted with high tech lighting equipment, creative standard setups, professional cameras and staging equipment, too. Not to mention, according to SoFlo Studio Video Production Studio, the light props there, are programmable. This can grant you a lot of freedom when you are designing your set; especially, if you have a complicated set. On the other hand, if you don’t want to go through the trouble of having a complex light setup and a lot of props, you can always for something simpler; like, a green screen studio and the suitable lighting system.


  • Miami Video Producer


About 30 minutes outside Miami, you’ll find this place. Like the ones above, this studio rental company offers quite versatile video sets. On the one hand, they may not offer as advanced light setups or equipment as the companies above. Yet, on the other hand, Miami Video Producer has their own cast of music video models; if you’re ever in need for background dancers or actors. Nevertheless, what we like most about this company is that you can call at any time, book an appointment and take a tour around their premises. It puts everything in perspective for the producer and helps them assess their needs and wants more carefully.


Let the Filming Begin


Having read all of that, you need to keep in mind one thing. Securing a studio for your music video is a critically important job. You need to balance between lighting equipment, the space itself, the props, and a lot of other factors. However, the most important thing you need to keep in check is the balance between budget and quality. While it is better to stay within budget, you can’t sacrifice quality; and vice versa. So, before you decide on a studio rental company, try to find one that; like our choices, offers a decent compromise between value and price.