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Tae Snap talks ‘OG and a Palm Tree” project with Myke T, forming their own label, and more | HHV On The Rise

By Jay Rich Staff Writer

All over the world, an increasing number of artists are taking the chance, and going for their dreams. Now is easier than ever for an artist to make music and get paid for it. There is an appeal in being signed to a label, but it’s not impossible to do it, alone.

Tae Snap is an up-and-coming rapper that recently decided to make a business decision. He came together with Myke T, a childhood friend, to create Ocean Grown Music Group, their own label. Celebrating the label’s formation, the two have a joint project.

Joining forces, Tae Snap and Myke T have their OG and a Palm Tree project that they are promoting. Recently, Tae Snap did an On The Rise interview, where he shared his experiences with the HHV team. He spoke on how he and Myke T aligned, their music, and the future.

Read the entire interview below:

With all the innovations, in the business of music, would you say it’s easier, now, than ever for an indie artist to make money? Yes thanks to streaming and being able to profit of it.

How did you link up with Myke T? We met at a school, in Venice, and been rocking ever since.

What made you decide to do a full project with him? We both own our record label, Ocean Grown Music Group. We thought it would be a great idea for the first project to drop from the label be a collaborative project from him and I. It’s only right.

How did you two come up with the OG and a Palm Tree concept, aside from the ode to California? Well we growing up by the ocean plays a big part in it, and the only weed we would smoke had to be OG. That’s how it came about.

When will you be releasing a solo project? We both have solo projects coming, later this year. No exact dates, but stay tuned.

Who are some other artists that you would like to collaborate with? I’m willing to work with anyone who’s taking their craft serious.

Where can fans connect with you, on social media? @TaeSnap & @myklosangeles On all social media sites.

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