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WATCH NOW: Steamy New Video “Secret” from T-Pain and A1

Even though Valentine’s Day is usually thought of as a day for boyfriends/girlfriends/husbands/wives to show their love in public, the new video “Secret” from T-Pain and A1 Bentley is here to remind us that the unsung heroes of our private lives deserve some recognition too. On this day for celebrating love, let’s not forget about all the side dudes, side chicks, and too-hot-for-real-relationships lovers of our dreams that put in that work behind the scenes!

In “Secret,” over a track from award-winning producer Dre M00n, A1 and T-Pain trader verses inspired by a drop-dead gorgeous women in red boots that A1 picks up in his Uber. Things get steamy in the car with A1 and both artists remind everyone that rule-breaking sex is best when kept quiet. As A1 explained recently, “I want people to be encouraged to keep secrets and stop being messy so much. If you doing something it should be kept to yourself. I came up with the concept for this song from a friend messing with a girl that has a boyfriend and they ended up falling for each other and keeping it between each other.” Peep the hotness above and be careful who hears this on that V-day playlist…