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HHV On The Rise: K. Luci

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk Staff Writer

The Garden State, New Jersey, is one of hip hop’s most-fertile breeding grounds. Not only are many of the biggest stars in music from Jersey, but many bubbling under stars are from the various cities. Adding to that legacy is K. Luci, who is beginning to make noise.

K. Luci is doing his thing, right now, and he is beginning to get people’s attention. Making good music and putting on a good show keeps people tuning in and K. Luci has found his groove. How he has done so is by being a JOAT, not GOAT, he’s a “jack of all trades.”

Recently, K. Luci took the time out to do an On The Rise interview, where he discusses his career goals. The rising rapper explains why he does what he does, and how that will lead to the big bag. There will be plenty to see from this promising artist, as the year comes to a close, with West Parke coming soon.

Read the entire interview below:

With so much focus on rappers trying to be the “GOAT,” what made you decide to hone in on being the “JOAT?” For those who don’t know, “JOAT” stands for “Jack of All Trades.” With music, I like working on every aspect of the creative process myself to create something completely authentic to me. A lot of other artists don’t take the time to do that. For me, solidifying myself as the JOAT is one step closer to becoming the GOAT, because you can’t be the greatest without being yourself.

A couple of years ago, New Jersey was one of the hottest areas in hip hop, so do you believe you are going to bring it back? New Jersey is just like every other music hotspot: it has its moments at the forefront. I can’t get everybody to look this way by myself, that’s obvious. There is an insane amount of talented individuals in this state, though, and I feel like we can all work together to come up and get the Jersey rap scene the attention it deserves.

One thing’s for sure, you have a dope single with “Kin,” what inspired this song? “Kin” was inspired by the loyal ones I’ve grown with, as a person and an artist. In my life, a lot of people have come and gone. These people have stuck by my side through a lot, and there’s not much that I’ll put before them.

For some time, R&B and hip hop has been mixing, what is so different about your brand of music? Everybody that’s mixing hip-hop and R&B is taking it in different directions. I think what separates my brand of music is the mix of influence from different sources. I like listening to a lot of different genres of music and they all inspire me in different ways to help me create this distinct sound I’ve found.

Can you tell us more about your new EP? West Parke is an EP I’m working on with Teyshon. It’s meant to showcase what me and him are capable of when we get together, so everything you hear is produced by just the two of us. Then, once we get this done, we’ll be focusing more on concepts and creative direction for a full-length project.

How long have you and Teyshon been working together? Me and Teyshon have been working together for over a year now. I met him when I first got involved in this music collective, DWTNDOLLARS. We talked back and forth for a bit, then he sent over the beat for “Apologies” and we’ve been making music together ever since.

Where can fans find you on social media? Instagram is @kdotluci. Twitter is @kdotluci, too.

Watch “Duck Dodgers” by K. Luci below:

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