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HHV Video of the Week: Nicki Minaj – “Barbie Dreams”

By Staff Writer

Following four years off, Nicki Minaj returned in a big way, with QUEEN, her comeback album. The project didn’t spark much controversy, but her Queen Radio did. All of that helped spark that drama with Cardi B, which is a real situation.

Nicki Minaj, though, has had a major hit, with “Chun-Li,” and has low-key had radio locked with “Barbie Dreams.” That record was one just for jokes, but it had people talking. This week, Nicki Minaj dropped the music video for it.

The week in hip hop is up and Nicki Minaj is doing her thing. She started the week with the Cardi B fight and her video dropped. But, her “Barbie Dreams” visuals is the Video of the Week.

Watch “Barbie Dreams” by Nicki Minaj below:

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