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The Fastest Ways To Improve Your Hip Hop Skills And Mixes

By Jay Mack Staff Writer

Rap music certainly isn’t what it once was. In fact, it is has become a global attraction. The world of music once used to be dominated by rock, country, and blues, but that is no longer the case. It seems like rap has taken over as one of the strongest and most prolific genres. Rap artists are now making it to the tops of the music charts and grossing more on their best selling albums than ever before. As a young inspiring artist it is safe to assume that you want to achieve that kind of success one day, but how can you go above enhancing your lyrical skills?

Write Daily

Honestly, it doesn’t matter what you are trying to improve at. If you want to get better you are going to need practice. This is especially true when it comes to hip hop music. Writing or recording at least one song a day will vastly improve your skills. Even if you don’t have the sophisticated equipment or money to get into the studio you can hit up YouTube and find plenty of cool beats for download. Think about the structure of the song, the lyrics, and the chorus. Writing even more is better if you have time. This technique will improve your content, your schemes, your creativity, motivation, and basically everything that you need.

Take Advantage Of Mixing Pros

Sounding good in a person is important, but these days it is almost more important to sound good on tape. After all, this is what individuals are going to be listening to. Whether you are trying to get you mix played on iTunes or you are sending it to a record label, you need to sound tight. Mixing takes a lot of complex equipment to combine with in depth knowledge. This is exactly where online mixing can come in handy. There mixing pros will listen to your recordings, get intimate with them, and fine tune them so that your beats and voice will sound the way it needs to. In addition to this, they can do it for a reasonable fee.

Study The Music Rather Than Listen

You probably have your favorite artists blaring on the car radio everyday when you are heading to work or out on the town. Well, you need to stop listening to that music and start thinking about it in a more technical manner. Listen to the way that the rapper is performing the song, when does he or she take breath breaks, what is the tone of his voice, does the tonal voice change throughout the song, what is he or she saying, and what kind of effect does this have on you?

Regardless if you are listening to your favorite rappers or not these techniques will help you analyze someone’s flow and replicate their technique. Of course, you might want to be different, but you are still developing technique, which is needed.

Word Play

Whether you know it or not you have been toying and playing with words ever since kindergarten. Words like rain and reign sound the same, but they have totally different meanings. Try to use something like this. Don’t be afraid of puns. Let other words play off different words. Devote yourself to learning new words and the proper meanings of them. Just remember that in the world of rap a rhyme doesn’t have to be as clear cut as sister and mister. Magic and bandage are two perfectly acceptable words that can be thrown together.

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