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#MoreThanAnAthlete: Steph Curry Helps Raise More Than $21K For The Family of #NiaWilson

By Tamantha Staff Writer

In 2018, athletes are out here doing more for our community than the local politicians and even the President. Steph Curry is proving that he is more than an athlete by his latest gesture. Curry was able to raise over $21,000 for the family of Nia Wilson, the black teen killed by a white supremacist on an Oakland train system.

Via Huffpost:

On Tuesday, the Golden State Warriors player spoke out about Wilson before a showcase game for young Bay Area athletes at the Kezar Pavilion in San Francisco, California. Curry had the game live-streamed on his Facebook page, which he used to encourage his audience to donate to Wilson’s family.

“Everybody who’s watching at home on the live stream on Facebook, please hit the ‘Donate’ button,” Curry said.

“Everything that is donated today — all the proceeds 100 percent — will go to Nia Wilson’s family,” he added.

This is the type of positive news we need to see more of. It’s great to see people like Steph use their platform to help people in the community. As for the family of Nia, we pray that they get the justice they deserve with Nia’s killer.