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Nas album track listing leaks on Twitter, produced by Kanye West #Nas [PHOTO]

By Chox-Mak Staff Writer

It’s been six years since Nas touched down and blessed the world with a new album. Things changed for him, but Nas celebrated life, letting people know Life is Good. At the time, Nas said he felt inspired, and promised another album “soon.”

Unfortunately, “soon” turned into the longest hiatus of his career. A lot of people forgot that Nas made them wait a year on his last album. In the end, that album was a classic project for a classic time period, as fans debate whether it, or Kendrick’s debut, was 2012’s best album.

A few minutes ago, the above photo began circulating Twitter. It is the track listing for Nas’ new album. As promised, Kanye West is executive producing the album, which means only seven tracks.

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