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Belly gets jumped at #Coachella, during The Weeknd’s performance? (FULL VIDEO INCLUDED) #Coachella18 [VIDEO]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer

Looks like the NBA Playoffs, and Showtime, weren’t the only places where fights were going down. What type of concert goes down without somebody fighting? At Coachella, Belly was present, holding it down, in the crowd, during The Weeknd’s set.

Earlier this evening, a video surfaced of a man who was alleged to be the Toronto rapper. The video shows a man who ends up getting into a fight. Jumped, the man tries to get out of it, and then more punches ended up being thrown.

Belly is the man they are claiming who got jumped. All of this went down, while The Weeknd was performing “The Hills.” But, anyone with questions about the video, can click the link, below, and watch it, to determine, for themselves, what happened.

Watch the entire video here.

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